10 Most Useful Items To Buy From The Gem Store

Like many other MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 has its own microtransaction store that has its “gem” currency. Most of the time, the gem store, called the Black Lion Trading Company, is filled with cosmetic upgrades as the game prides itself on moving away from “pay to win” practices. That’s not to say it’s totally unnecessary for those who don’t care about cosmetics. The Guild Wars 2 Gem Store actually contains useful items intended for convenience.

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At most, they reduce the amount of travel or effort players need to browse game services, such as storage or retrieval. Suffice it to say, gamers are recommended to prioritize purchasing these items before splurging on these mouthwatering cosmetics. After all, gold takes a considerable amount of time to acquire to turn into gems, so you might as well get the most out of it if you got them that way.

Copper-powered Salvage-O-Matic

guild wars 2 inventory screen

Collecting loot is one of the most common ways to try and earn Gold through Events. The problem is, recovery kits are finished and take up a lot of inventory space, especially when you need a lot of them when running meta-events.

That’s why the Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic is a boon, especially for players whose primary source of gold is organizing meta events around maps. Each use consumes some copper coin, but it’s negligible and worth it in the long run compared to buying finished salvage kits.

Banker Golem

scruffy and his golem banker

Having a lot of characters in Guild Wars 2 is probably mandatory at the end of the game, especially if you don’t want to get bored or in case your main class is nerfed. The problem with this is that the banks or storages are located in Lion’s Arch, so transferring some Ascended or Legendary gear can get tedious when changing characters.

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The Banker Golem mainly fixes this problem because it allows players to easily access banks wherever they are. The catch is that it’s only available for two weeks, so if players want something more available on demand, then the Bank Access Express works wonders as well.

Black Lion Rescue Kit

black lion rescue kits in inventory

Runes and Seals are among the most important components of character creation for Guild Wars 2 and the most optimal runes or the most optimal items to insert them change a lot depending on the balancing updates. Some runes or seals are just too valuable not to be picked up during recovery.

Therefore, the Black Lion Salvage Kit is the best solution for this, assuming you don’t want to spend multiple gold coins to get those Scholar Runes or Attack Boosting Weapon Seal. They’re pretty valuable but can be cheaper than the auction for the best runes and sigils if you already have a slotted set.

Instant repair canister

guild wars 2 fractal lobby golem

Guild Wars 2 is pretty forgiving on death as the only penalty is broken equipment that can be easily repaired, but their designated repair areas are never too close. Some players are just too focused on events or enemies in dungeons to fix their broken gear.

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In such situations, it is best to have instant repair cartridges so that it is faster to get back into action, especially once players forget to repair their equipment until all the parts come together. break and become useless. These also help tremendously in map events where groups move quickly to deal with those with broken equipment.

Maguuma’s Pact Operation Portal Device

auric pool event in guild wars 2

Speaking of maps with quick and ruthless events, Maguuma and all the areas introduced in the Heart of Thorns expansion are rather hectic thanks in part to this notorious underground maze map where everyone gets lost.

Tracking every event that happens on the Heart of Thorns maps is intimidating. The Maguuma Pact Operation Portal device helps enormously in this regard. More than that, it allows players to jump right into the action even if they get lost in all the chaos.

Craftsman’s package

guild wars 2 player buying from a merchant

This Gem Store item is one of the most popular tools in any meta-event where players can’t bother to teleport to Merchants or Civilization in order to empty their bags. The merchant package is a trio of services namely an item merchant, a trading post merchant and a bankroll in one.

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Anyone nearby can select which of these three services to use, eliminating the need for tiring backtracking. This way, players can change world channels faster and maximize their meta-event’s farming time. The best part is that it can be shared with others.

World Boss Portal Device

Shadow Behemoth World Boss in Guild Wars 2

Similar to the Maguuma event portal device, this cute gem from the gem store is less popular these days, but still a good investment for anyone who follows the World Boss train. It is one of the oldest and most proven ways to earn gold while having fun in Guild Wars 2.

The problem is, World Boss events can be quite inaccessible for anyone who hasn’t fully explored the main map. The World Boss Portal Device helps players keep up with this train of events and ensures that players can participate.

Unbound magical harvest in guild wars 2

Gathering, gathering, and mining are some of the most underrated activities in Guild Wars 2 that can yield a surprising amount of gold. Too bad they also require an investment in the right tools for the job and these tools come in different levels for different materials.

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It can get boring quickly, so anyone working with commodities in Guild Wars 2 will want to invest in unlimited and universal tools instead. These allow for quick and easy collection of materials and also free up a fair amount of inventory space.

Self-styling hair kit

Guild Wars 2 Self-styling Hair Kit

Fashion is one of the most popular endgame activities in Guild Wars 2, and players will likely miss their character’s hair after several hundred hours. Fortunately, the game allows players to change the hairstyles of their characters.

All you need is a self styling hair styling kit. It not only allows players to change hairstyle and color in the game, but also gives access to premium hair colors or styles and only as a kit. These are regularly released for the game.

Total makeover kit

total makeover kit user interface

Now, the Self-style Hair Kit might look awesome, but it’s pretty limited if players want to change their character’s physical appearance, not just their hair. For such a business, then the total makeover kit could be better.

This is basically a mini character creation kit minus the change in race, origin, and class. It also gives players access to premium hairstyles as well as hidden premium face types. Make good use of it.

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