17 tips from successful CEOs and founders to start a successful business

Entrepreneurship always involves a great challenge. And it is that in order to start a business it is not enough to have an idea and invest in it, you also need certain skills which to a large extent will be essential for the success of a business.


So, if you are wondering how to become a great entrepreneur, I invite you to read the tips below. Start founders shared with us. Like them, you too can develop your project!

Advice to entrepreneurs

1. ” Don’t look for the perfect plan , Marcelo de la Garza Clariond, Gesta Labs Advisor

Don’t waste a lot of time in the office planning how to start your startup, jump in to validate your assumptions, talk to potential clients, create an MVP, don’t hunt for the perfect plan. You will surely change it along the way. Also look for people with a variety of backgrounds who want to learn more about your business and add value to their experience.

2. ” Set clear goals », Oso Trava, CEO of Crack education

Know why you want to start and identify a great industry with rising trends. So too, build a good frontline team, delegate and set clear goals.

3. ” Building adequate foundations », Luis Barrios, founder and CEO of Arkangeles

Make sure you build the right base, especially with your partners, where agreements are clear in any future situation. You will save yourself a lot of friction and bad times.

4.Reinvestment is an important first step that shows you are on the right track. Don’t lose your floor and invest a significant portion of those profits in your project to ensure that the project continues to grow and consolidate ” , Ruben Ariff Alatorre Bernal CEO of Alfonso Marina

Reinvestment is essential for the growth of the business. Taking profits from your business to pay you a salary can reduce the degree of growth, so it’s good to have a reinvestment plan and know the margins that are left for this activity.

5. ” Surround yourself with people who know more than you ”, Axel Olivella Davalos, co-founder and director of business development at Square²

Surround yourself with people who know more than you and don’t lose sight of why you started. The stronger your mindset, the stronger your business will be.

6.Vision, discipline and perseverance », Ivan Lozano, CEO of Talentum .

Have previous experience in the development and delivery of products to customers / users. And knowing how to quickly test commercial hypotheses with MVPs. The three stages of a Start are: create, sell and develop. In each, the discipline of the team, the vision of the leader and the perseverance to bring value to the customer will be fundamental.

7. ” Provide value », Alejandra Jeugmans, co-founder of TOA Group

Choose the ideal partner, innovate and listen to the customer. This creativity and this revision of the financial strategy are an important part of everyday life. Keep in mind that a successful start is not necessarily the one who achieves great investment rounds, but the one who is able to deliver value to his partners, customers and employees, on a constant and repeated basis.

8. ” Fall in love with the problem to be solved, »Carla Cassanello, vice-president of She works!

Don’t fall in love with the solution, fall in love with the problem. Even if you are just starting out, think big. Build a foundation to climb. Create a customer acquisition plan, leverage resources where you can, and invest where you need to.

9. ” May your project fascinate you “, Juan José Weibel, advisor to Drow equipment

First of all, are you passionate about what you think? If the answer is no, move on. If the answer is yes, lower your idea to a business model, give it real form. Once you’ve hypothetically defined your business model, go ahead and validate it completely. The first thing will be the customer, the problem and the value proposition.

ten. ” Know your market ”, Miguel Iván Hernández Arias, co-founder and product manager of Coru

Validate your ideas as much as possible with the target market. The less you assume in your business plan and the more you ask users, the more likely you are to be successful. Remember that everything around us was built by people like you and me.

11. ” Focus on growing sectors, ”Alan Miranda, CEO and co-founder of Digital laboratory agency

Focus on growing industries and sell a simple solution to a problem. For your Start at to be successful you need to work on a strong sales team, operational and financial discipline, as well as a long-term vision from the founders. You have to dream big and trust yourself.

12. ” Differentiate yourself from the competition », Emmanuel Pérez, CEO of Dominican beard club

Believe in your dream and don’t give up. Define the objectives well to be able to develop your business and, likewise, be clear about your differences from the competition.

13. ” Take a risk », Maria Elsy Abreu, co-founder and marketing director of Cocoa Mae

Trying your luck! If you dream of something, take action. I know many are scared, and that’s okay, but you won’t know if it works unless you try. And be patient, maybe at first things don’t turn out the way we want them to, but if we do the right things we will have results.

14. ” Work as a team », Roberto Corona, CEO of EMCOR

Find an advisor to support you in this process, and form a work team with different roles and profiles, all with experiences that contribute to the growth of the company. Start . One thing I tell myself regularly is that you should never stop learning.

15. ” Be flexible », Jonatan De Peña Escaño, CEO of Aparios De Peña SRL

Test your idea on a small scale, in a simple and very thoughtful way, open to new ideas and flexible to make changes to your model. If you can’t do it with option A, you’ll do it with Z, after asking the right question.

16. ” Execute your idea ”, Rodrigo Saavedra, investment analyst at SV Angels Links

An idea without execution is simply an illusion. Launch the idea, finding a business model will make all the difference. Getting it wrong is only part of the road to success.

17.Have a goal, Sofia Hegel, director of Transformaciones Exponenciales SA .

Have a goal that goes beyond the business model. As an entrepreneur, you need to focus on this goal, have a clear goal, create and develop a robust model under a repeatable, scalable, profitable and exponential model. So also generate connections, since a connection can generate a transformation.

As you can see, the novelty of your idea is important, but that’s not all. As an entrepreneur, you also need to reinforce all the attributes necessary to complete your project successfully.

Take into account the advice of these experts and dare to take action! You can be the next founder of a successful startup in Mexico.

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