A rare 2021 Lincoln penny sells for $822 online

A PENNY minted last year that features the first President Abraham Lincoln has sold for hundreds online.

Although there is damage and missing features on the coin, it is unclear if this is an error that occurred at the mint.


There are various irregularities on the obverse, including missing elements

Errors can include die errors, runouts, and off-center errors.

“Just to clarify, I am in no way saying this is a genuine error piece,” the seller wrote in a description.

“I found this in a roll of coins from the bank that was part of a collection I bought. It could be a damaged coin or something.

Based on the images provided, there is a line that runs vertically through the center of Lincoln’s head and almost his entire upper body.

Damaged Lincoln penny sells for $915 online after bidding war - do you have one?
Rare nickel in circulation sells for $5,600 after bidding war - do you have one?

The element divides the image of the abolitionist into two.

There is also a line running horizontally across Lincoln’s nose to the back of his head.

Also, most of the letters for “In God We Trust” are missing.

The year 2021 is featured, with another date at the bottom of the obverse which is upside down.

Also, some damage and lines can be found on the back.

Although there was confusion from the seller, it did not stop users from engaging in a bidding war.

The 2021-dated coin sold for a total of $821.59 after 31 bids on March 3.

This would mean that the Lincoln cent is now worth more than 8.2 million percent of its original face value.

Which Lincoln Error Coins Are Valuable?

There are a few Lincoln error pennies that could sell for thousands.

One of them is the 1955 double die obverse penny.

A double die means that there are duplicate letters, numbers or words on a piece.

Rare coins

You may be holding something valuable in your wallet. Check out these articles on rare coins to see if you might have some hidden treasure deep in your pockets.

The date of 1955 is considered the most famous of all.

He is worth $1,318 on average and up to $17,057 if in an MS63 grade, according to USA Coin Book.

There is also a 1922 penny without a mintmark.

Typically, no mint mark coin indicates that it was minted in Philadelphia – but not in this case.

This occurred despite no Lincoln pennies of that year being minted outside of Denver, meaning all should have a “D” mark.

However, negligence in the production process caused the error.

On average, the 1922 unlettered coin is worth $970 and over $30,000 if in an MS63 grade.

To see if your spare change is worth anything, you can check eBay by searching for the full name, selecting the “sold” listing, then switching the search to “highest value”.

This will give you an idea of ​​the value of the coin, as your quarters of half dollars, dimes and nickels might also have value.

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