Access cool New World items in enhanced combat features

Amazon’s latest version of the MMORPG New World has done the rounds and offers a whole new dimension, as the name suggests. Players have long been waiting for this release which takes you through the Isle of Aeternum as you encounter dangerous enemies and fight them using magical properties found along the way. With so few MMOs released recently other than Lost Ark, New World still seems to be one of the best multiplayer games around.

In 2016, Amazon announced the production of New World and two other multiplayer games. After some time, Amazon game developers suspended the development of Breakaway Multiplayer and focused on the development of New World without any noise or news about the release. Finally, in 2020, Amazon announced the release of the game. New World was released on August 28, 2021 and has since received positive reviews for its offerings. It is gradually becoming one of the most popular multiplayer games on PC. New World also doesn’t have the subscription fees that other MMO games have, meaning players can play the game whenever they want without interference.

Which makes you wonder, what’s next?

The future of the new world

Since the successful launch of New World on PC, players have been wondering what other juicy projects Amazon has in store for us. Here are some new changes we will see in New World.

Consoles or mobile devices?

While New World fans remained optimistic about its availability on consoles, game developers showed no sign of producing a version for consoles or mobile devices. It is obvious that New World was specially designed for PCs. However, gamers have been asking for a console version as the plan for the nearest future.

Despite the clamor for a console release, the PC version still needs a lot of work and development before we see an update on consoles.

New World recently made an adjustment on bugs and features to allow smooth operation on most PCs with decent specs. So how soon will we see New World on consoles? Not so soon.


Due to the lack of subscription fees on New World, you get an endless cycle of player versus player battles at max level. However, this mode does not come with a content roadmap. A roadmap is of course an essential feature that every live game must have. So far, it looks like the developers at New World want to add this to future developments. We’ve seen roadmaps and other needed features on other MMOs, so it’s possible that Amazon is working on an improvement and bringing in some improved and additional features. It remains to be seen whether these features would be paid or free if we saw an improvement.

More weapons

One of the features that makes New World such an exciting game is the variety of fascinating weapons you get. Each weapon you select offers different powers and benefits depending on the role you choose to play. As you improve your weapon proficiency, you gain access to other special moves associated with your weapon. You may need to acquire New World Gold to access these unique abilities. Some of these weapons include:

  • great ax
  • One-Handed Sword and Shield
  • Musket
  • Spear
  • Bows
  • war hammer
  • Hatchet
  • fire stick
  • Rapier
  • life staff

On October 2, New World responded to a fan’s tweet but said it focused on game bugs and glitches and sought to add to the weapon collection.

“For the month of October, our focus is on issues, bugs, exploits, and quality of life for our players. As we look to the future, we will definitely be adding new weapons, features, and content,” they replied.

With the promise of additional weapons and features, gamers are sure to be in for a treat as it would add more quality to live games. The improvement and bug fixes are evident in gameplay as you hardly get any lag or stutter effects in gameplay. New World has also added a cosmetics store update as a Halloween special with new skins and designs for outfits and weapons.

So far, there seem to be concrete plans to introduce new weapons to the game, such as daggers and the greatsword (with an additional stance-switching feature). And with players requiring the combination of one-handed weapons like a rapier with a shield, New World can consider this aspect in its new plans. We might see new weapons that work with the shield introduced in the game.

PvP and PvE modes

The thrilling Player versus Player combat on the New World is one of the modes that sets this game apart from a host of other MMORPGs. The game offers two PvP modes: Outpost Rush and War, each mode having different layouts and ideas to play the game.

It gets more exciting as more interesting changes come to New World. We’re going to see map expansions that will offer level up and additional expeditions.

The game is also looking to add mutators to increase the difficulty and provide a different feel each time you play PVE. The central idea is to make enemies more difficult to face by equipping them with more powerful buffs. However you will be better New World Items as a reward if you defeat them. This will give you a very good reason to replay expeditions as many times as possible.

Additionally, there are signs that we’ll find mutators in Outpost Rush that will be interesting to see. Maybe we could see a different rotation and pattern in this game mode. You will also get some additional items that you can buy using new world gold. Adding mutators to PVE and PVP modes will surely be a way to earn more rewards after a tough challenge.

Let’s not forget that New World is not a paid multiplayer game, so we’re wondering if any advancements would have a paid feature that might require you to buy new world gold like in classic WoW and OSRS.

For quite some time now, players have been eagerly awaiting the possible new developments that New World plans to offer. For a game as brilliant as the New World, fans are wondering what the plans are and hoping for a breakthrough that will make the game even more enjoyable. Fans definitely need a glimpse of future ideas as this would ensure its longevity in the gaming world.

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