All About OSRS Polls – Old School RuneScape Gets Player Input

Old School RuneScape’s strengths never rested on its graphics or gameplay, although nostalgia for the old days had an effect. But its main strength lies in its content. OSRS has a constant stream of content, curated by the players themselves. Aside from the usual skills, bosses, quests and farming Gold OSRSplayers can also influence the content added to the game.

Players do this by participating in surveys. Here’s how they work and how to participate.

OSRS surveys

Image via Jagex

Polls allow Jagex to get players’ opinions on upcoming content or changes to the game. Players would log into the official site to participate in polls. Eventually, a poll was about adding a polling station to the game, which led the developers to add polling stations to the game.

Now all polls go directly to in-game polls. When one is active, a message in the chat box will pop up saying so. If players walk past the voting booth in-game, there will also be a flag indicating that there is one in progress. A final notification that a poll is in progress can be found in the Account Management Community tab. This also allows players to take the survey directly from the tab.

There are approximately 84 stalls in Gielinor. They can be found in all major locations (like towns and cities) as well as Barbarian Assault and Castle Warfare. There’s even one on the tutorial island, in various guilds, and in the clan hall. Interestingly, there are two stalls at Shayzien.

Previously, players could see the current results of the current poll. After the Game Integrity Update goes live, results will be hidden until the poll is closed. Once a player has answered a question, it cannot be changed.

Participating in the survey consists of answering several questions about relevant content. Well, it depends on what is added, as small updates may require a single question. However, some surveys have up to 52 questions.

Topics vary from events and additional content to changing what OSRS items for sale are available in-game. Questions are always yes or no questions with an option to skip them. The last choice is not counted in the total tally, and a question must have a supermajority of 75% to be accepted. It’s not quite a democracy, because not everyone has the right to answer a poll.

OSRS Survey Requirements

There are requirements that must be met if you wish to participate in a survey. First, you must be a paying member. Second, your combat level must be at least 280. Since the queried game is OSRS, the levels must be in an OSRS account. If you are a member of RuneScape 3 but not of OSRS, you cannot participate.

Currently, there are approximately 34 million registered players in the OSRS. A Jagex update from about two years ago marked a milestone in reaching one million total subscribers in RS3 and OSRS. With the growing popularity of OSRS, it stands to reason that this number has increased for OSRS.

Although there is no official number of members in the OSRS, with a population like 34 million, any percentage will still be a large number. That many players will have to agree on something to have content or a mechanical pass.

In this way, members can influence the growth of OSRS. Content that ends up not being liked will not pass or at least be adjusted to be better. These polls make OSRS better every time because the developers take the results seriously.

Benefits of OSRS Survey Readers

If developers want this feature in the game, polls are a way to communicate their intent to players. It gives players a glimpse of what the developers are planning for the game. More than that, it kind of creates a sense of community. All of these players agree on something, and the game improves because of it.

They may not know each other, but knowing you’ve helped make things better for all players is worth it. Responding to polls turned into a group effort to enact change or stop unwanted change. This perspective makes the OSRS community more tight-knit, due to the solidarity and influence wielded by these members.

More than that, it serves as a sort of future content filter. If the queried feature doesn’t pass, the developers will send it back to the drawing board. However, with the “No” option, the functionality may not even be implemented at all. This means developers won’t add a feature that players hate. Conversely, all content is what the supermajority would like to have.

On the developer side, the ideas they have may not look good when exposed to players. Instead of releasing them to players’ annoyance, it’s nipped in the bud or refined into something better.

Alternatively, they want a certain type of feature in the game, but don’t know how to implement it or how players will react. Polls can give them ideas and how they will be received by players. If not, they might learn the best way to implement this kind of functionality.

The OSRS poll is the future of how gamers can influence game development

This type of polling system can benefit both developers and players, as noted above. Judging by OSRS’ healthy player population (which is more than RS3 gets), it’s a good system. It’s able to take that old version of a game and turn it into an enduring MMO that gamers everywhere enjoy.

Other games have similar methods (like Genshin Impact surveys every patch). However, players rarely get to see the results of these surveys. If they haven’t noticed/requested these changes, it’s not like they’ll see the effects. Some players even completely ignore these surveys.

Moreover, these are done individually and without the developers publishing the results, no one sees if the comments have an effect. These polls, since players end up seeing the results, give a sense of community and togetherness. They will be able to see whether they agree with the majority or not. It’s better than answering a survey individually without knowing if it is read.

Enjoy OSRS surveys, skills, bosses, quests or gold!

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