Bennett Ascension And Talent Materials

Bennett is a sword-wielding 4-star Pyro in Genshin Impact. Despite being the only member of Benny’s Adventure Team, Bennett is a great support character for Pyro-based teams. It goes exceptionally well with characters like Diluc or Hu Tao. Let’s take a look at Bennett’s ascension and talent gear, and where to find them.

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Climbing materials for Bennett

Bennett's Rise Upgrade Screen

The following materials are needed to fully reassemble Bennett.

Gems and Boss Loot

  • 1 shard of Agate Agate

  • 9 Agate Fragment of Agnidus

  • 9 Agate Piece of Agnidus

  • 6 Agnidus Agate Gemme

  • 46 Seed of Eternal Flame

Common items and monster loot

  • 168 Windwheel Aster

  • 18 Treasure Collector Badge

  • 30 silver raven badges

  • 36 golden raven badges

The spirit of the hero and Mora

  • 414 Spirit of the Hero

  • 420,000 Mora

Talent gear for Bennett

Bennett Talent Upgrade Screen

You will need the following materials to fully upgrade Bennett’s talents.


  • 9 lessons from resistance

  • 63 resistance guides

  • 114 Philosophies of the Resistance

Monster Drops

  • 18 Treasure Collector Badge

  • 66 Silver Raven Insignia

  • 93 Badge of the Golden Crow

Rare items

  • 18 Dvalin’s Feather

  • 3 Crown of Insight


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Where to find Bennett’s ascension and talent gear

Location of Pyro Regisvine on the map in Liyue

Where to find gems and boss loot

Shards, shards, pieces and gems of Agate of Agnidus can be obtained from boss Pyro Regisvine in Liyue. You will need to spend 40 original resins to get rewards from this boss.

These materials also drop from the Wolf of the North Challenge and Boss Primo Geovishap, but at a much lower rate.

The Pyro Regisvine also falls Eternal Flame Seed, which is currently the only way to get this material.

Where to find common drops and books

Bennett collecting Windwheel Aster

Wind wheel aster is a flower exclusive to Mondstadt that is usually found in windy areas. You can find groups of them around the Statue of the Seven in Windrise and Stormterror’s Lair. Use this quick farming guide to discover easy routes to retrieve the Aster Windwheel.

Teachings, guides and philosophies of resistance can be found in the Forsaken Rift area on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. You can combine lower rarity versions with higher rarity versions in an Alchemy Station.

Bennett collecting treasurer badges

Insignia of treasurer, silver raven and golden raven can be obtained by beating Treasure Hoarders. You can find these human enemies all around Teyvat, but they spawn most in areas of Liyue. Try exploring Liyue if you need more badges.

Where to get Mora and Experience books

To fully upgrade Bennett, you will need approximately seven million Mora. You’ll earn small additional amounts of Mora from most in-game activities, like daily commissions and side quests. If you need to refuel on Mora, try challenging the Ley Line Outcrop: Blossom of Wealth. Ley lines can be found all over the map and cost 20 original resins or a condensed resin to open. You can complete Ley Line Outcrops for rewards as long as you have Original Resin to spend.

To get Bennett to level 90 you will need the following Experience books.

  • 414 Spirit of the Hero

  • 15 Adventurer Experience

  • 12 Tips from the Wanderer

You can get Experience Books from most items in the game, but only in small amounts at a time. If you need a lot to upgrade Bennett, use the Outcrop of Ley Lines: Flower of Revelation. This is the most efficient place to collect experience books to evolve your characters.

Where to find rare items

VENTi and Dvalin

Dvalin’s feather is a drop of the Stormterror’s Domain Weekly Challenge. This item isn’t guaranteed to drop, so be sure to fight Stormterror every week for the best chance of grabbing the Dvalin Feather. If you have a Dream Solvent, which also has a chance to drop weekly bosses, you can use it to convert other Stormterror materials into Dvalin’s Feather.

Finally, you will need three Crown of insight for each of Bennett’s final talent levels. You can only get this item from time-limited events that occur from time to time. Make sure you come back to the game often so you don’t miss out on a crown of insight.

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