Best Items to Use High Level Alchemy in Old School Runescape

High-level alchemy is a popular method for OSRS players to train magic and passively generate money for expensive skills and new gear. Unlocked at Magic Level 55, High Alchemy is ideal for mid-game players with several hundred thousand starting capital gold to invest in alchable items on the Grand Exchange.

Casting High Alchemy on an item grants the player 60% of that item’s in-game value in gold – a number (in gp) that is often different from its market price on the Grand Exchange. As such, items that are significantly higher in value than their GE pricing suggests are highly sought after by High Alching players, who can take advantage of the margin between value and GE price for each alchemized item.

Each cast of High Alchemy requires three items: one nature rune, five fire runes, and one item to alchemize. As an equipped Fire Staff or Fire Tome can count as infinite Fire Runes for the purpose of casting High Alchemy, players looking to mass alchemize must provide or fund the natural runes and alchable items.

Note that since players will be funding the nature runes required for each cast out of their own pockets, the often fluctuating price of the nature rune is subtracted from each cast’s profit margins. Additionally, as the OSRS open market is constantly changing, the values ​​of some of these trades are bound to change. Yet, the following are many and are basically guaranteed to generate a profit.

runic gear

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While of relatively low material value for mid-game players with access to better gear, most runite items yield very high income when alchemized. Coupled with the overabundance of advanced level blacksmiths crafting runite armor on the difficult journey to skill mastery, rune items like the kiteshield, platebody, and platelegs are each plentiful and generate profit margins of over 400gp each. , provided the player can afford it. buy several.

However, most rune items sell in the Grand Exchange at a purchase limit of 70. This means players can only purchase 70 of each item every four hours. In terms of longevity, rune gear can only be alchemized for a short time, before players are blocked from purchasing more.

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Elemental combat staffs (air, earth, sometimes fire)

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Members who train at their crafting and magic levels are often drawn to the cost effectiveness of crafting combat staves, as they can be produced quickly and are worth 9,300 gp each. However, Staff Artisans often avoid the lengthy alchemy process of their creations by selling them wholesale in the Grand Exchange for several hundred gold less. This opens up a bountiful market for players to buy and alchemize them with a profit margin of around 240 gp each, factoring in the cost of natural runes.

It’s also worth noting about Elemental Battle Staves that they sell in the Grand Exchange at a purchase limit of 10,000. This allows players to alchemize more of them over longer sessions, resulting in higher gains and magic experience rates per hour of alchemy.

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Battle Wristbands

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Battle Bracers are extremely valuable, their low gear requirements and sizable battle bonuses making them appealing to new players, and their easy access and consumptive capacity proving beneficial to player killers. Artisans often cover this lucrative market, making wrist-on-the-fist combat bracelets to meet demand.

Alchemists can also tap into this store of jewels. With a purchase limit of 10,000 and a profit of 190gp High Alchemy, Battle Bracelets can be a reliable purchase for this purpose.

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