Blood Money Update Adds Multi-Stage Robbery Missions

The world of Red Dead Online continues to expand as a new update arrives next week. Rockstar Games has announced that the new update, Red Dead Online: Blood Money will be released on July 13 and will bring a host of new features to Rockstar’s open world cowboy game, including what looks like Red’s take. Dead Online on GTA Online Heists. .

In the latest edition of Rockstar News Wire, details on Red Dead Online’s next big update have been shared. The update focuses on the location of Saint Denis, where crime lord Guido Martelli enlists the help of players to search for a “valuable commodity” known as the Capital, which can turn the tide on the tax authorities, allowing your shady criminal activities to continue unabated. The Capital can be found on the bodies of enemies you’ve defeated, or hidden in chests across the open world.

You will collect Capital primarily through Crimes, a new game mechanic for the game. These are single player or multiplayer missions focused on performing completely illegal activities such as trainer heists, robberies. several stages, kidnappings and debt collection.

Once you have accumulated enough capital, Guido Martelli will come up with opportunities, activities that allow the player to interrupt the plans of a senator who is causing trouble for Martelli’s criminal family. To weaken the politician’s influence, players will need to hunt down and deliver the Three Jewels of the West to Martelli. The first opportunity is available from July 13, and two more will be added at later dates.

Opportunities will come with a variety of ways to complement them – “listen to nearby conversations or seek out important targets to uncover new avenues to completion,” the press release read. These activities resemble the Heists modes of Grand Theft Auto Online, giving the player a target and allowing them to determine how to reach the objective.

Along with the update is the Quick Draw Club, a series of purchasable online passes that earns the player new items, rewards and bonuses. Passes are purchased with the in-game currency of the gold bars, priced at 25 gold bars each. If you purchase all four passes consecutively as they are released, you will receive the Halloween Pass 2 for free.

Some quality of life improvements will also be added to the game, in response to player feedback, including the addition of previously released Satchel brochures for general sale since closing. These allowed players to travel quickly from a wild camp, and these were previously tied to players purchasing the Outlaw Pass. Popular Outlaw Pass items and clothing will also return to the game, including Marston’s outfit, The Clelland, Arthur Haraway’s outfit, Dedham outfit worn by Bill Williamson, and Javier’s The Zapatero outfit.

If you’re looking for more Red Dead action or looking to get started for the first time, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been confirmed to be joining PlayStation Now this month. And on PC, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online will get Nvidia DLSS support.

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