Changes to Old School RuneScape (OSRS) Hitsplats and Clan Hall

We hope you have triumphed in your direction or progress in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). With this week’s update, players will get a chance to experience Poll 76 quality of life updates as well as Hitsplats and Clan Hall TLC. Polls are in-game voting systems that allow players to suggest changes to OSRS. Remember that each poll question requires 75% of the total number of upvotes to be accepted.

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Let’s jump into the OSRS Survey 76 results.

OSRS Hitsplats

OSRS stats number on almost every aspect of it, like experience, kill count, and levels and with combat it’s no different. In terms of the number that provides the most satisfaction, many would agree that hitsplats do. To be precise, max hitsplats. Hitsplats are damage icons that appear above those who engage in combat and deal or take damage. Without a doubt, landing those huge hits feels so good, especially if you manage to block all 73 incoming damage as well.

Maximum hit damage varies depending on the gear, buffs, and spells a player uses during combat. The 76 poll results showed that gamers want to see gold trim, every time they hit those big numbers. The golden hitsplat, when activated, will appear whenever players land a direct hit, meaning environmental damage or knockback will not display the golden trim when damaging an opponent. Essentially, the gold trim will only appear for those juicy max hits and not guaranteed ones, to make them unique.

Hall of clans

Take a break from fighting or grinding in a refurbishment Hall of clans. This time, Hannibal, the clan’s cat, can now be petted and even fed fish and milk! That’s not all, because Poll 76 will bring the ability to speak with Hannibal via the Catspeak amulet! That’s not all, as players who want to play the piano can now make effective use of the black keys with the “Entertain” or “Play Quietly” options. Additionally, in the clan chat, players can see all online members of the channel as well as the total number of clan members.

Poison Dynamite

The Poison Dynamite will also receive updates. This time the change is for restricted accounts. These accounts will have the ability to create a Poison Dynamite, a standard Dynamite mixed with three Cave Nightshade plants. This dynamite combo will deal damage based on the player’s fire level.

Old School RuneScape Survey 76 various modifications

  • The ranged requirement for Faerdhinen’s bow is now listed in the Agility skill guide.
  • Checking the contents of your loot bag while moving no longer causes you to lose sight of your destination.
  • On mobile, the spellbook dropdowns in the PvP Arena loadout menu work more consistently.
  • Level requirement checks when enchanting crossbow bolts have been fixed.
  • The Ape Atoll Agility course received an expanded skull slope click area.
  • Rowboats north of Fossil Island can now be accessed directly from Camp.
  • In the Deadman world, standby damage now stacks when players pass through rooftop agility obstacles.
  • In the Settings menu, players can now change camera effects in Barrows, Baba Yaga’s House, and the Fishing Trawler minigame.
  • Keymaster teleport scrolls can no longer be traded after death in PvP.
  • When logging in, players with items stored in an item retrieval service will now be warned upon logging in that if they die before retrieving those items, they will be lost forever.

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