Court orders confiscation of iPhone, car, money –

The Kwara State High Court on Tuesday ordered the confiscation of an iPhone, $ 1,500 and a vehicle from federal government coffers.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission indicted Tunde Olagunju; Hassan Olanrewaju, 29 years old; and Ojo Adewale, a mason, whose crime borders on dating scam and cybercrime.

Delivering his judgment, Judge Sikiru Oyinloye said: “I have carefully considered the facts and circumstances of the case, especially the charges.

“I also reviewed the guilty pleas entered by the accused, the evidence produced without objection and the accused’s confessions.

“There is no justiciable reason for the court to release the defendants from the hook.

“Under the circumstances, the court finds the defendants guilty of the offense.”

Oyinloye sentenced Olagunju to two years in prison with an option of a fine of N650,000.

Likewise, the judge sentenced Olanrewaju to one year’s imprisonment for count one, with an option of a fine of N 250,000 and another year for count two with the same fine option. .

The judge ruled: “The custodial sentences will be executed concurrently.

“But if the convict prefers the option of a fine, he will have to pay the fine of 500,000 N.”

The court also ordered the confiscation of the defendant’s 2009 model silver-colored Toyota Camry car with registration number LSR 431 GV and Gold iPhone 12 pro and $ 200, which he acquired with the proceeds of activities. illegal, to the federal government.

Adewale was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment with the option of a fine of 300,000 naira.

The judge said the convict should confiscate the iPhone XR recovered from the federal government at the time of his arrest.

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