Dzivakwi exudes confidence with the fashion brand

Vimbai fashion designer Isabelle Dzivakwi says her brand Qings and Swank is an art of expression and a way to communicate confidence.

Talk to NewsDay Life & Style, Dzivakwi said his brand was born out of life experiences.

“The vision started in 2019 when I was bedridden after knee surgery. I can say it was a blessing in disguise because I had time to think about a lot of things. So I started looking for designs, working out the theoretical side of the business, ”she said.

“I shared the idea with many people such as Alwyn Mungofa, who now works as a creative designer for Qings (the brand for women), believed in it,” Dzivakwi said, adding that it was not. an easy trip.

“We started to design, to test ideas. Seeing these designs on paper, so brilliant, helped me get back on my feet and move the brand forward. As I recovered, I began to research fabrics and tailors. I have also started the process of officially registering the company, ”she said.

“Since then, it’s been sleepless nights, trying new things and learning. “

Dzivakwi said the reception was overwhelming.

“The main challenge I face are resources, especially financial. I used my savings to develop the brand, I had to do more to promote it. I had to accept some sacrifices and some losses in order to at least be able to enter the market with quality but affordable products, ”she said.

“So I have to make the brand unique, which means I had to include certain packaging to meet international standards. So trying to do all of this while being profitable can be difficult. “

Dzivakwi said she plans to make her brand popular.

“The Zimbabwean fashion industry is growing as people come out of their shells – they are now daring and trying new things. We see so many interesting and unique designs and it’s interesting to be a part of it, ”she said.

“People are now proud to wear local brands. Yes, international brands still dominate the local scene, but I can say that the locals are getting there. My vision is to keep creating and coming up with new unique designs until Qings and Swank become a household name.

She said singer Anita Jackson approved her designs to be featured on the Zimbabwe models on their Local wear the series is humiliating.

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