Every woman I meet online only wants my money

DEAR DEIDRE: How do I find a woman who doesn’t want my money?

I am a rich man in my early fifties and looking for love after my long marriage ended in divorce.


I want to find a partner – someone to share the rest of my life with

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I am not mean and I take care of myself. I’m smart . . . and I still have my own hair!

But every woman I meet on dating seems very materialistic and only wants me for my money.

While it is not obvious when we start chatting online, it becomes very clear as soon as we meet in person.

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I want to find a partner – someone to share the rest of my life with.

Surely there must be some honest women who really want to find a soul mate, not a meal ticket?

DEIDRE SAYS: There are a lot of genuine women looking for love.

Maybe you present yourself the wrong way online and therefore attract the wrong types of women.

Make sure your dating profile focuses on your personal qualities and interests rather than material wealth.

My support packs on Love Online and Finding the right partner for you should be of use to you.

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