Everything Tower of Fantasy does better than Genshin Impact

Comparisons are inevitable between newcomers Tower of Fantasy and action-gacha king Genshin Impactbut some things Tower of Fantasy just does better. With so much overlap between the two games, comparing the different aspects is important, as they can make or break whether a player base will stick with a game. Genshin Impact was, the number of copiers increased. However, while other gacha games have heavily inspired Tower of Fantasythe new ideas and simpler concepts set it apart from other options.


Tower of Fantasy is a sci-fi, shared-world, action-gacha game that recently saw its worldwide release. Players embark on the world of Aida; a colonized planet used to mine a nearby asteroid. However, Aida was irradiated due to excessive exposure to a new power source, Omnium. With two groups battling for control, raiders patrolling the land, and mutated creatures threatening any chance of a peaceful life, players will have a lot to deal with as they explore Aida. On another side, Genshin Impact takes players into the fantasy world of Teyvat. Separated from their brother, players set off across the seven nations for anything that might help find the lost brother – all while getting caught up in the struggles of the populace and the schemes of the mysterious Fatui faction.

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From the beginning, Tower of Fantasycharacter customization is not only extensive, but it’s something Genshin Impact entirely missing. In the same way Tower of Fantasy playable characters, it offers a comprehensive and creative character creation system that allows players to immerse themselves in the world of Aida. Since Jeur of Fantasy is an MMO, it would take something to stop millions of look-alikes from running around. However, some form of customization is a feature that many Genshin Impact the players would wholeheartedly welcome. To go along with this, the appearance system in Tower of Fantasy offers more freedom of choice. Players unlock the character appearance bound to a weapon when it is unlocked. This, in addition to being able to stay with their custom character, is already a boon to player freedom. Players often run as their avatar rather than one of the preset characters.

Tower Of Fantasy’s Combat And Gacha Elements Raise The Bar

fight in Tower of Fantasywhich is rather simple and original, creates a new style of play compared to Genshin’ Impacts auto-lock combat. Each player can hold three weapons at once, and each also has an element type – Grievous, Flame, Ice Shell, or Volt. Outside of EM Blasters, each weapon type has a combo list of achievable moves. This contrast is Genshin ImpactCombat is mostly about spamming normal attacks between using elemental bursts and elemental skills.

Each weapon also has a unique ability to use, which is usually quite flashy and very effective in combat. As players fight, their offhand weapons gain a charge; once fully charged, switching to this weapon will use another ability that matches the weapon’s elemental type. Lately, Tower of Fantasy introduces Weapon Resonances, a buff that players can equip, which are also passed on to teammates during multiplayer activities.

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The gacha system and grind in Tower of Fantasy are also a bit more user-friendly than in Genshin Impact and its constant attraction rates. On the character side, Tower of Fantasy players have a choice of three banners, each using a different currency. Weapons of choice come in two forms, one with the easier to obtain Black Nucleus which usually gives upgrade materials but can also award characters. The other base banner uses Gold Nucleus and grants characters at standard drop rates.

Finally, there’s the Event Banner which features all the base Banner characters but with the Event Character’s scaling chances. Alongside these banners, two Matrix banners exist. Dies can also be earned in joint operations, allowing players to acquire them in a non-gacha way, but the gacha option is still a useful boon. The matrices are Tower of Fantasy version of what Genshin Impact calls artifacts. Shooting either banner will award a currency which can be used in the shop to purchase previously acquired weapons or Matrix Boxes which grant matrices of a specific character. This increase in options gives players a fairer chance at acquiring characters and reduces the drudgery of parts needed to get stronger.

Tower Of Fantasy Has Lots Of Quality Of Life Improvements

Other changes that are less important but that improve the quality of life are numerous. Starting with vehicles, essentially mounts that allow faster travel around the world. Even the jet pack, similar to the glider Genshin Impact, has its advantages in an initial boost through the air and the ability to gain air mid-flight at the cost of stamina. Both are features that allow faster exploration than in Genshin Impact. Tower of Fantasy also features Relics, special items that can aid in combat, puzzle solving, and exploration.

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Players can also find wearables throughout the game that provide bonus stats for high-end content. The player’s suppressor, an item that protects them from radiation, can also be upgraded to provide bonus stats to their character. Finally, if it’s an MMO that naturally needs more playable content, Tower of Fantasy offers more activities. These provide materials for the gacha system and strengthen the character of the player.

To hit Genshin Impact stepping down from his throne will be a difficult task for any game, but Tower of Fantasy may be the rival capable of doing so. It still has issues that will need to be fixed, and of course future updates should deliver quality content appropriately. That shouldn’t be a problem at the moment, as the Chinese version, which launched earlier than the rest of the world, already has access to six months of content that the global servers don’t have. Complacency is not an option if Tower of Fantasy wants to dominate Genshin Impact, let alone compete with it. However, a promising and popular global launch bodes well for the game’s chances of becoming the new top dog in the action gacha market.

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