Everything you need to know about bunk beds

In the March update to The Sims 4, we were finally offered bunk beds. The unexpected but much-desired addition comes in the form of two designs, one in wood and one in metal. Each berth also contains a mezzanine version which only contains the upper bunk and the ladder with free space below.

Naturally, this has led manufacturers, in particular, to want to know exactly what we can do with these new berths. Can you add toddler beds? double beds? offices? cabinets? We take a look at how bunk beds work today and what exactly you can create.

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Updated September 7, 2021, by Helen Ashcroft: Bunk beds have since been updated and now have more flexibility than ever before. With the requirement to cheat to place items under beds removed, we’ve updated this article to reflect the current flexibility of the game and highlight the different bunk bed options for those with the base game as well as those with additional packs.

What bunk beds can you find in The Sims 4?

Sims 4 all bunk beds in the game

There is now six different bunk beds in The Sims 4, although only two of them are in the base game. The first two beds in the image above are the ones you can find in the base game. One of them is made of metal and has black and white frame options to match the metal frame single bed. The other is made of wood and matches the mod pod sleeper and teen dream beds.

The other four models are from Dream home decorator and reflect different aesthetics. There is a modern panel based design and similar wood design to the base game but with different wood samples and colors. The other two designs are both framed in wood, one using triangles for a unique design on the headboard, while the other has a triangular top and canvas sides that appear to roll down.

The functionality of the bunk beds is the same with all the bunk beds in the game.

Can toddlers sleep in bunk beds?

bunk bed with cot

This piece uses the Standard bunk bed with metal structure available in the basic set. There is also a version with the lower bunk completely removed, which is listed as a separate item in the build and purchase catalog. The the upper bunk is attached to the ladder but the the bottom bed is separate, regardless of which version you check out from the catalog. This means that you can change the sample on the bottom bed Where replace it with another single bed or even a crib.

This bed combination does not use any cheats and is fully functional. The crib is fully usable, as is the top bed. However, only children or older can climb the ladder bunk beds are therefore currently only possible for a toddler and child combination or two children. If you have toddler twins It will be necessary to wait until they get old before moving them to bunks, which is also true in real life.

What can be placed under the bunk beds?

You can now place almost any item under a bunk bed and it’s ok snap into place. Anything that clings to the space under the loft version of a bunk bed will be fully functional.

The picture above shows several combinations of articles and beds, all using the wooden bunk from the base set. You will notice that many of these items match perfectly bed samples, which makes mixing and arranging furniture a lot easier than you might think.

Here are some ideas of things that fit under the bunks:

  • A single bed placed at a right angle

  • A sofa, chair or ottoman

  • A desk

  • A chest of drawers or a chest of drawers

  • A double bed

  • Library

Any of these combinations will fit under the mezzanine version of any bunk in the game. You can also place sofas, desks or beds at right angles to change the design to suit your space.

Are there any restrictions on bunk beds?

Sims 4 bunk bed with furniture for teenage bedroom

There are a few small restrictions on bunk beds, although several of them can be overcome with the use of the Move Item Cheat.

  • You can place desks, chairs, and small single-space dressers under the bunk bed, but they will centralize, which means you cannot place another tile element next to them.

  • You cannot add any item wider than two spaces.

  • The vast majority of sofas, dressers, bookcases and desks will fit, but other two-space items are more variable.

  • You cannot add anything larger than the top bunk.

Most of these restrictions are common sense, which means that bunk beds are now more flexible than ever. So why not see what you can design for your Sims?

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