Fact check: a man identifying himself as a deer shot by hunters? No it’s satire

Two images of an apparently human-shaped deer are circulating on social media with the claim that a “trans-species human” who identifies as a deer was accidentally shot by hunters. The statement in the form of a report indicates that the united states man had to be taken to hospital on a helicopter.

The archived version of the message can be viewed here.

After several people took the odd claim at face value, India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) attempted to unravel the mystery and discovered that the screenshot was in fact a satirical article.

Using keyword research, we found the first version of the article published on October 30, 2020, on a website named “Daily World News Report“, whose slogan reads” Where facts don’t matter “.

The article identifies the deer-like man as William Tenenbaum, 31, from the US province of South Carolina. He goes on to quote Dr. Alexander Pischtaki as treating Tenenbaum after the gunshot wound.

However, the disclaimer of the site clearly mentions that all articles published on the site are fictitious in nature. The website has also given the same disclaimer in all of its articles, including the “trans-cash” one.

Who is the mysterious man?

Using Google’s reverse image search, we found a YouTube video from which the image of “the deer man” shared in the article was taken. The video was uploaded in January 2018 to the YouTube channel of a London studio called “Humanimals” specializing in body art.

The video attributes the body painting to artist Lauren Baker.

According to about the section from the “Humanimals” site, they specialize in offering performers dressed in realistic animal characters for events. the website has several of these images of humans dressed as unicorns, foxes and many other animals.

We then retraced the image of “Dr Pischtaki”, who according to the “World News Daily Report” article treated the injured man. It was a screenshot extract from an interview on the ABC7 news channel.

The man in the video is Dr Anthony Cardillo, an emergency specialist at Mend Urgent Care in California. He explained the effects of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19.

Therefore, it is clear that the report in question comes from a satirical article originally published by an international website known for its fictional stories. Earlier, Reuters also debunked a similar claim.

ClaimA “trans-species man” who identifies as a deer was accidentally shot by hunters.ConclusionThis report was originally published as a satirical article by an international website known for its fictional stories.


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