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Fado.vn, the blockchain-based shopping-to-earn platform, connects cross-border consumers, brands, KOLs and logistics providers.

Portland, Oregon, Jan. 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Led by an elite team of diverse backgrounds and first launched in May 2021, FADO Go, from a small-scale logistics startup initially , has established itself as a leading e-commerce platform in Vietnam and Cambodia with the impressive number of 1.5 million users so far. It is now in preparation for the launch of the initial decentralized offering (IDO) in February.

As the world’s feet are swept away by the COVID-19 pandemic, the global outlook is more pessimistic than ever. But even so, in such adversity lurks huge opportunities for digital industries to thrive, with an example being e-commerce. Online shopping is growing at a rapid pace as everyone is told to stay home and has no direct access to traditional markets and malls, with revenue forecast at $39.7 billion. by 2025 through the emergence of blockchain, according to a new research report. To keep up with the market, FADO Go was born and has since been adopted by millions of customers around the world.

An important element for the success of any project, including FADO Go, is the solutions they provide to the community. In the case of FADO Go, its combination of Web3-based cross-border e-commerce with social features allows users to engage with brands at any stage of the buying process, cultivating a relationship of trust between customers and vendors before carrying out any transaction. Additionally, the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the FADO Go payment system among traditional options such as Visa or MasterCard is driving the adoption of these volatile currencies and giving crypto users direct access to the world of shopping. tangible.

Currently, FADO Go is still in phase I of its roadmap, offering its customers products from the G7 markets (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and United States). In the next phase, “Dropping To Earn”, FADO Go consumers will have more options regarding items from any other website and from anywhere within the FADO Go logistics network. final, “SocialFi Live Shopping”, will get the full picture of the platform. This phase allows KOLs, fans, and brands to connect, providing entertainment value to the e-commerce platform. With the increasing footfall of KOLs, the e-commerce platform creates an exclusive connection way for them and their fans through the issuance of fan tokens, which helps influencers get additional rewards and closer interaction with fans through voting polls and Superfan recognition.

How to win with FADO Go

The two critical factors in platform tokenomics are FADO and FGT, with distinct uses. $FADO is FADO Go’s utility token, designed to reward users and serve as a payment method; while the $FGT governance token represents the voting powers to decide the future of the platform, with its inflation controlled by Buy Back & Burn.

With its two tokens, FADO Go offers participants of the platform many ways to win. Buyers can receive $FADO token rewards based on their completed orders and others such as social media engagement, user-generated content, account sign-up, or special events. On the influencer side, they can be paid in $FADO tokens based on live stream times, number of views, and sales volumes; their subscribers can watch the live streams, order the products, or complete live games to earn the tokens. If people want to place themselves as an investor, they can also get profits by staking $FADO token, liquidity pools and yield farm with FADO Go DeFi services.

An overview of the use cases and benefits of FADO Go

Learn more about FADO Go

FADO Go is the subsidiary of Miczone Group, a centuries-old Vietnamese company with over 400 employees and 15 active business entities. Originating from a logistics company, FADO Go regards international shipping service as its competitive advantage. By implementing real-time tracking solutions, the platform ensures reliable, fast and accurate deliveries at the best price. Prominent member of Vietnam Electronic Commerce Association (VECOM) and authorized partner of Alibaba with excellent worldwide network, FADO Go breaks down barriers to approach global customers one step at a time, delivering products in any corner of the world.

FADO Go – the largest blockchain shopping platform

FADO Go succeeded in its business during the first phase; and it still has a lot of untapped potential in the future. In February 2022, it is planned to launch the first IoT token for $FADO Utility, followed by the fundraising for the FGT Governance token, which is expected to take place in the second quarter of 2022. Empowered by reputable partners and funders, including Coin98 Wallet, TomoChain, LaunchZone, MEXC Global, etc. with a large network of KOLs available (Kelbin Lei, Bui Bich Phuong, Binz, etc.), the IDO should be a blast in February. For more event and company details, please visit their website at fadogo.io

Partners & Investors of FADO Go

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