Former Polish leader, Noble Prize winner Walesa advocates ‘profitable’ cooperation with Russia – world

WARSAW, December 8. / TASS /. Russia and Poland need to cooperate in some areas because it would be more profitable for the Eastern European nation than cooperation with the West, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Polish president told TASS on Wednesday. Lech Walesa.

“Of course, Moscow is closer to Gdansk than to Washington. There are certain things, certain types of cooperation that would be more profitable here than in the West. I believe that and I will try to cooperate more closely. [between our countries], because it can improve the well-being of our people. We have to find common ground, give ourselves freedom and cooperate well. At the moment, we miss that, “noted the former Polish leader.

Walesa stressed that he was deeply disappointed with the current level of relations between Poland and Russia. “I’m unhappy. We have awful politicians. We are not taking this opportunity. And there are many [of them]”The Noble Prize winner stressed. Neither of them want to compromise and because of that we are taking losses. We have to sort this out. If I had the chance, I would. would try to fix that, “he argued.

The veteran of Polish politics also noted that in order to improve the situation, it was necessary to discuss the problems of the past and current opportunities separately. “I would divide the relationship into two parts. The first covers everything in the past – the story – and considers who owes what to whom and how much. And the second works for common interests to make a profit. When two people are at each other’s throats, a third takes advantage. Our quarrels are used by others. Therefore, I would seek agreements which are beneficial for both parties in all spheres of life “, a said Walesa.

On May 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the credentials ceremony, told the new Polish envoy to Russia, Krzysztof Krajewski, that Russian-Polish relations could be more meaningful and productive, all the more so. that the two states were neighbors in the Baltic region. According to the Russian president, some difficult issues that have accumulated in bilateral relations could be resolved by acting on the basis of pragmatism and taking into account everyone’s interests. Krajewski called the statement a positive sign for relations with Poland, which fully corresponds to Warsaw’s position.

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