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Gas Station Simulator is a surprisingly charming simulation title, thanks to a decent core gameplay loop and its solid take on everyday life.

Although accidental, Gas station simulator came out at an interesting time. The UK is currently in a fuel shortage crisis, with gas stations backed up for hours as people line up to get petrol for the week ahead or participate in panic shopping. Gas station simulator, from developer DRAGO Entertainment, is slightly less chaotic than real life, but only a bit.

Gas station simulator Pits the player in the role of a fearless entrepreneur who turns a dilapidated desert gas station into a profitable business. The start of the game sees the player receive occasional phone calls from a supposedly nice uncle who supports the property, although not everything is quite as it seems. As such, Gas station simulator structurally looks like what would happen if Valley of stars took a brutal turn towards late capitalism.

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The fact that there is any kind of understandable narrative shows that Gas station simulator has more depth in its pocket than most of the many simulator titles that are constantly hitting the market. The play has a structure and care that is rare in this genre of play, helping it to stand out from the likes of Drug dealer simulator. Although Gas station simulatorThe main gameplay loop is all about repetition – and will no doubt end up bringing back bad memories to anyone who’s spent too much time in a retail job – there’s something extremely satisfying about it.

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Part of the reason for Gas station simulatorThe success of is that it taps into the sheer satisfaction of completing tasks and seeing progress. He’s a mechanic who’s been seen in everything since World of warcraft To Cookie clicker, and the various subordinate activities of Gas station simulator are surprisingly heartwarming to check off as the player watches their income slowly flow. Meanwhile, the limited customization options allow the player to paint their gas station and choose the placement of items, so things feel a bit more personal.

However, this gameplay quickly becomes repetitive, and it’s an issue that’s exacerbated when the player has stepped out of the main groove of renovating, pumping gasoline, and selling snacks. A key example of this is when a character called Dennis appears, an annoying vandal who is going to bring down the quality of your gas station with stink bombs and graffiti. The player will have to chase it down by throwing items at it to make it go away, and that’s not much of a fun addition to the experience.

Gas station simulator also includes other elements to try to entertain the player. There is a remote control car class that users can participate in, while a music stage in the warehouse allows the player to pick up a guitar and strum like The Last of Us Part 2. These are there as a distraction if the player gets bored of the normal gameplay, although they are unlikely to be of much use to future gas station owners.

Alien gas station simulator

Since this is a simulation game, users should prepare for the problems. It’s nowhere near as maddening as the more egregious examples of the genre, and for the most part has rather the crazy charm that these games are built upon. NPCs will act weird, vehicles will move weirdly and struggle with the physics of the game (especially the delivery truck), and there is something wonderful about the main character being able to throw extremely heavy objects at the horizon without any constraint.

That said, not all of its technical issues are so endearing. Gas station simulator isn’t particularly stable and has some crashing issues, although luckily the player isn’t likely to lose too much progress. The most difficult part of this problem is that the title has quite long load times, so restarting the game is somewhat tedious.

Globally, Gas station simulator is much better than most simulation games available on Steam. It’s a charming and sometimes buggy experience, but one that allows the player to find a little peace in the daily life.

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Gas station simulator is now available on PC. Screen Rant has been given a PC download code for the purposes of this review.

Our assessment:

3.5 out of 5 (Very good)

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