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Welcome to the God of War: Norse Mythology Adventure guide where will walk you through the top 5 Norse Mythology adventure tips and strategies! “God of War” is a simple game where you punch creatures in the face. But even slamming things in your face can be tricky at times, so here are some tips to help you on your way.

Remember to stop attacking in God of War!

Then there is the diversion. You will be attacked by massive groups of enemies that you must avoid at all costs. Attacking buttons is not an option, so mobility is crucial. A good dodge could also set up counterattacks.

Change your attack tactics for God of War: Norse Mythology Adventure!

It’s not going to go well if you just use your ax or your fists. Some enemies are immune to particular assaults, while others will be dispatched much faster if you change it rather than just hitting them. Make full use of the resources at your disposal.

Make sure you have properly trained your runic skills in God of War: Norse Mythology Adventure!

Skills in God of War aren’t particularly unique, but with a little thought, you can develop them to deal with a variety of circumstances. Having one that stuns or stuns opponents is useful to buy some breathing room. Another that deals a lot of area of ​​effect damage helps clear them out. Changing them before boss fights is also a great idea; we had one with a burst of vitality that made the difference in several encounters.

Most puzzles can be solved using your ax

The basic methods of solving the puzzles are hitting your ax at something, throwing it at something and doing other things, hitting it at many objects for one hit, or hitting it at one object then to move somewhere else to remember it, so it hits something else. This may sound basic and sloppy, and it is, but it can also produce very messy results!

Spartan Rage should be used often, but with caution

However, waiting out a battle means only using Spartan Rage once, rather than multiple times as it builds up during combat. It’s usually worth jumping if there are more than a few enemies and you expect more. You will have filled your anger bar at the end of the encounter. After all, he is a vengeful God!

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