HHS students raise money for breast cancer awareness | Schools

Making a difference can seem difficult when you’re trying to do things that matter.

The trick is not to let the fear of not being enough stop the idea of ​​doing good. This is exactly what the students at Hiawatha High School in Gary McCown’s Current Events class, which takes place during the third hour of school A-days, had to avoid. The students worked together, using as little adult assistance as possible, to make a difference in their lives and their communities. The plan is to do this by hosting a booth at the October 15 soccer game in support of breast cancer awareness.

Breast cancer is something that many children at Hiawatha High School come in contact with to know someone who has or has had breast cancer. In response to this problem, students in this class set up a voluntary donation booth to raise funds for the study and cure of breast cancer. Donations will be used to win a ticket that will go towards a raffle that students organize to encourage community members to help. All income generated by students will go to breastcancer.org – a website they have researched extensively to ensure community money goes to a good cause.

To support the movement these children have developed and to donate for breast cancer awareness, look for the booth at the home football game on October 15. the second prize and three dollars per ticket for the highest prize. Regular donations are free will and would be gladly accepted.

“We are trying to raise awareness about breast cancer, we need the help of the community to achieve our goal,” said class leader Maximum Hawks.

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