How this Qatar-based supermarket won’t offer ‘payments’ by tracking customers in-store – Doha News

Qatar’s first cashier-less store will open during the highly anticipated World Cup.

The public in Qatar may soon have the chance to skip the long queues at the cashiers and walk away immediately with snacks on hand thanks to new technology from Al Meera supermarkets.

The Qatar-owned supermarket chain announced its partnership with Zippin, a leading provider of cashless technology, with the aim of providing distinctive services to all members of the community through state-of-the-art technology.

Zippin’s technology would transform stores in Al Meera, reducing the time it takes to purchase a drink or snack from 20 minutes to 20 seconds, according to the company’s website.

The company’s AI-powered platform uses machine learning and sensor fusion technology to increase retailer profitability with a completely cashless shopping experience.

“We are excited to introduce these new cashless stores to make shopping more convenient and fun for our customers. This step is part of our expansion plans to ensure that our services are always available to all consumers,” Al Meera said in a statement.

He also added that consumers will soon be able to easily pick up their drinks and snacks in stores and complete their purchases quickly and without any hassle.

When, where and how

The stores, powered by Zippin’s multi-modal artificial intelligence (AI) technology, will be located in desirable areas requiring a mini-market to provide consumers with quick, self-service access to beverages and snacks such as water, soft drinks, coffee, crisps, nuts, donuts, etc.

Smart stores will work by tracking customers from entry to exit, simplifying and accelerating the shopping process to make it faster, easier, less stressful and more fun for customers.

Cameras and sensors are used to track the customer inside, automatically recognizing items picked up and returned from shelves creating a virtual shopping cart for each customer.

Once the shopper leaves the store, the software will immediately charge the cost of the acquired items to their credit card, whether the items are placed in their pocket, bag, purse, or even simply carried in their hand.

This way, customers will spend seconds instead of minutes buying a drink or snack using technology.

The latest agreement is part of the country’s strategy to achieve digital transformation, using modern technological solutions to “promote cashless payment solutions and facilitate economic growth in line with Qatar National Vision 2030”, it said. -he declares.

As part of Al Meera’s many initiatives to ensure residents and visitors to Qatar during the World Cup have a memorable experience and contribute to the success of the tournament, the first unstaffed retail outlet is set to open doors to customers at the next highly anticipated mega event.

“We are delighted to partner with Al Meera, offering frictionless shopping to their customers. Having Zippin-powered stores in the Middle East for the first time shows the impressive traction of cashless shopping around the world,” said Zippin CEO and Co-Founder Krishna Motukuri.

“It’s clear shoppers love convenience and speed: something we’ve proven time and time again with every new Zippin-powered store.”

There are currently 60 Zippin-powered stores open worldwide, serving 625,000 customers. By eliminating checkout lines, Zippin-powered stores cut shopping time by 104,000 hours.

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