How to Create and Use a Battle Bracelet

One of the best things about Old School RuneScape is the huge world for players to explore. But it becomes a problem when you need to get to somewhere on the map quickly, whether you’re on a quest or in the wild trying to earn that shiny OSRS gold.

But now, instead of wasting your time traveling from place to place just to have an informal chat with a lord, you can use the Battle Bracelet (CB) to teleport immediately.

Now you might be wondering what a CB is and how to use it. And that’s exactly why we’ve created this guide to explain how you can craft and use the Warband for Teleportation.

What is a combat bracelet?

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This is basically a dragon stone bracelet that is enchanted with the level 5 jewelry spell. The Bracelet allows players to teleport to combat-related guilds. In addition, the battle bracelet has additional features other than teleportation.

CB also keeps track of the murder task, you can check the number of victims left for your murder task. It also gives you bonus points for attacking and defending. Compared to Mithgril gloves, it gives you +1 attack points and -1 defense points.

How to make a battle bracelet

As we mentioned before, the CB is an enchanted Dragonstone bracelet and the first thing we need to make a CB is the Dragonstone bracelet. The dragon stone bracelet can be made using the mold of the bracelet itself by combining a gold ingot with dragon stone and putting it in the oven.

Now that the dragon stone bracelet is ready we have to enchant it with a level 5 jewelry spell. And once that is done we would need more materials and those are 15 earth runes , 15 water runes and a single cosmic rune to craft the combat bracelet.

How to use a Combat bracelet?

Using the Battle Bracelet is very easy and you might already know this if you’ve been playing Old School for a while. In order for players to be able to use this bracelet, the first thing you need to do is go to inventory, find the battle bracelet and right click on it, then select the option ” Rub “that appears.

The other way to use the battle bracelet is when you wear the bracelet and right click, which will give a list of the destinations you want to travel to.

Where can we travel?

The Battle Bracelet allows you to travel to battle-related guilds and here is the list of possible destinations you can teleport to:

  • Warriors Guild
  • Champions Guild
  • Edgeville Monastery
  • Remote Guild

But keep in mind that each time you use the Bracelet for teleportation, one charge will be deducted from the total 4 charges it has and then you will need to recharge the bracelet again. You can recharge the Totem Battle Bracelet in the Guild of Legends, at the Fountain of Sere’s Tears, or at a Titan Geyser.

Hope this guide helps you understand how the Battle Bracelet is created and used for teleportation in OSRS, but something that can also help you is getting your hands on some amazing deals on OSRS items or an OSRS account that you can buy for cheap.

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