How to Download and Play PSP Games on Android Using PPSSPP Emulator

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) was the very first portable console in the PlayStation line. First released in 2004, the PSP became popular due to its large library of games and wide range of multimedia features. For many, this console brings back fond memories of all kinds of games like the first GTA Editions, God of War, Metal Gear Solid, and more. Fortunately, there is the chance to relive those memories once again. The best part? All it takes is an Android phone! In this article, we cover absolutely everything you will need to do, in detail, to set up how to play PSP games on an Android smartphone for free.

How to Play Free PSP Games on Android

An emulator is simply software that allows one device to act like another. In this context, we are looking for an application for Android capable of simulating the PSP. It will have no impact on the device, as it is like any other mobile app.

Step 1: Download a PSP emulator

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By far the most reliable available is PPSSPP. With 100 million downloads, this emulator is reliable, safe and quite user-friendly. There is another version of PPSSPP titled Gold PPSSPP. This is a paid app and is here to support developers and future releases. It would be nice to pay some money to give something back to the people who worked hard to create this software.

Step 2: Download PSP games

No games will be included with the PSP emulator, as the actual games need to be downloaded elsewhere. There will be many websites on the internet that offer PSP game downloads, but you are advised to be careful as there are also a few that are unsafe. A good option is Cool ROM – go to the link and browse all the games available in the PlayStation Portable section. Once you choose the game, click on the link to its download page and hit the download button.

To clarify, a ROM is a commonly used name for games running on emulators. Literally, ROM means Read-only memoryand in this context, a ROM is a copy of the read-only memory of a game. Simply put, a emulator ROM is a general term for a digital version of a game cartridge. Another term used to talk about PSP emulators is ISO. It’s just the file that contains the PSP game.

Step 3: Extract and Organize PSP Games

The game must be downloaded either as .Zip *: French file or as .7z case. These are basically folders that contain the actual game file inside, and they are used to reduce file size for fast downloads. To retrieve the actual game file, we first need to extract the folder. To do this, simply navigate to the file on a file manager app and click extract. PSP game files can vary in size, with some of the higher end reaching 1.5-2GB and potentially more, while some can go below 1GB.

The main file of interest is the one that ends in .iso because that’s what the game actually is. It might be useful to keep a folder with all the .iso files together to keep things organized.

Step 4: loading games

Now open the PPSSPP Application we downloaded earlier. The main menu is pretty self-explanatory and features a file browser. Navigate to where the .iso file from the previous step is stored and the game should appear as shown in the image below.

Android PSP Emulator: Emulator Main Menu
Picture via PPSSPP

As said before, it might be useful to keep a folder with all the games together, as it might be easier to locate them in the future. To load the game, just click on its cover image in the file browser and it should open normally.

Step 5: Familiarize yourself with controls and settings

All of the controls are on-screen, but understandably they can be a little tricky to use for some games. In the settings menu, it is possible to change the layout of the controls by moving or resizing the buttons. Alternatively, it is also possible to connect a controller and play games remotely.

PSP Android Emulator: Game Image
Picture via PPSSPP

Just plug it in like you normally would and it should start working. It is also possible to map controls in parameters if needed. There are a bunch of different settings for graphics and audio, some looking quite complex. It’s best to avoid editing random things just to be on the safe side.

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