How to Get Gold in Old School Runescape

As in most MMOs, you can acquire gold bars in Old School Runescape by upgrading the Smithing skill and smelting gold ore with a furnace. Sounds pretty standard in the wonderful world of MMOs, doesn’t it?

In the game, gold bars have many implications. Although they cannot be used to craft weapons or armor, they can be used to craft jewelry using the Craft skill. This guide will strictly focus on telling you exactly how to get gold in Old school runescape.

while getting Gold OSRS may seem like a slow grind, there are quick ways to do it. Let’s start the guide first with some simple methods. The first method to earn gold is to visit the stronghold of security. Players must complete the first three levels to receive 10,000 coins. The levels are

Then another method that players can implement to earn gold is to upgrading a skill such as fishing, logging or mining. By upgrading these skills, you will earn more gold at a higher rate.

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flax collection

Linen is one of OSRS Items which is considered to be of great value. flax collection is another method to get gold. Flax can be picked from the flax field south of Seer Village by members. Players can get around 1,000 Lin per hour, or 4,000. Additionally, if players have 10 or more Craft, they can be crafted into Bowstrings, and around 1,000 Bowstrings (worth of 102,000) can be made in an hour using Lumbridge Castle’s spinning wheel.

Collect Imps

Another similar method is Collect imps. By killing and collecting imps, you discover pearls (yellow, white, black and red). Each pearl is worth more than 1,000. Several imps can also appear around the volcano in Karamja.

hunting chincompass

Let’s move on to a little more difficult one of which understands Hunt Chinacompass. These adorable little animals are frequently seen hiding in the wild, making them easy to find and get gold. A few things should be noted. First of all, there are different colors of chinchompas. Right off the bat, grays aren’t worth your time, that being said, reds and blacks might be. What you will need: trap box; Saradomin brews, great restores and food; defensive gear you’re willing to lose (Dihn Rampart is a great option; pestle and mortar; evade teleport. Overall, hunting Chincompas is a quick and easy way to earn gold.

Clue Scrolls

Clue Scrolls are a great way to make money but require a lot of luck and mid-level skill to start making them. There are different types of hints, including easy hints, medium hints, etc. The clues you decide to collect depend solely on your combat level. In other words, lower combat players should aim for easy clue scrolls, while mid level players should aim for medium clue scrolls and so on, you get the point.


Trading is a high-risk, high-reward business. One thing to keep in mind is that haggling can result in a ban only if you join a merchandising clan and manipulate the price of an item. Merching involves buying certain items that are constantly fluctuating in price and frequently traded and then reselling them for a profit, much like flipping.


At mining level 30, Coal (162 GP) can be mined, and a popular spot for members is the Motherlode Mine located in the Falador Dwarven Mines. Additionally, players can get Gold (206 GP), Mithril (165 GP), Adamantite (1,050 GP), and Runite (11,169 GP) given they have the mining levels respective. By mining paid dirt and cleaning it in the machine in the center of the mine, players collect random ores from the bag. This is a popular mining skill upgrade as it is simple to AFK and can generate a decent profit and 22,000-35,000 experience per hour.

Overall, there are different methods used to generate gold. Which method you choose depends on your gear, combat level, how much effort you want to put in to earn gold, and how much gold you want to earn.

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