How to unlock the polar bear mount in Final Fantasy 14

The Moonfire Faire event is back in Final Fantasy XIV and you can pick up a great new polar bear mount – here’s how.


The Moonfire Faire event is back in Eorzea! This year the Final Fantasy 14 The event has plenty of plans to keep your character cool during the summer heat, with ice-themed items up for grabs.

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This event will run from August 13, 2021 at 1:00 a.m. to August 26, 2021 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT), so make sure you complete it before because the quest can’t be completed after this point, and you can’t get the items after this time either. For everything you need to know about this event, we’ve got it all covered here.

Unseasonable Chills Quest Unlock and Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 14 Moonfire Event Make NPC Mayaru Moyaru

The Moonfire Quest Do this year is called “Cold out of season” and you can start by talking to Mayaru Moyaru at (X: 11.5, Y: 13.8) at Limsa Lominsa, Upper Decks. To start the quest, you must be level 30 or above.

  • After speaking with Mayaru Moyaru, he will ask you to go to the Costa del Sol to speak with Haermaga. You can find them on the island just off the coast of the Costa del Sol at (X: 34.8, Y: 26).

  • Haermaga tells you that they are missing ice cream for their confectionery challenge and asks you to speak to P’obyano, who is a short distance in front of Haermaga at (X: 35.7, Y: 25.4).

  • After a short cutscene, head to (X: 36.6, Y: 25.9) and help Nekeke trigger another cutscene to play.

  • Return to Haermaga and speak with him for another cutscene.

  • You must now complete level 30 FATE “A bombard blizzard” that spawns around (X: 36.6, Y: 23.3). (If your level is too high, you can sync up to level 35.)

  • Completing the FATE earns you Faire vouchers, the number of vouchers you receive depends on your ranking in the FATE.

  • Return to Nekeke to complete this quest.

Final Fantasy 14 Moonfire Faire FATE event

A treat to beat the Heat Quest walkthrough

Final Fantasy 14 Moonfire Event Make NPC Nekeke

After completing the first quest, Nekeke will have a follow-up quest for you – “A treat to beat the heat “. Talk to him at (X: 34.7, Y: 26) to start it. (This is the quest that actually rewards you with the Polar bear horn.)

  • Talk to Haermaga at (X: 34.8, Y: 26).

  • Talk to P’obyano at (X: 34.8, Y: 26.3).

  • Talk to Gegeruju at (X: 33.8, Y: 30.5).

  • Return to Nekeke to complete the quest.

  • This rewards you with the Polar bear horn and unlock the “You say goodbye, I say Hielo …!” success.

How to Unlock Moonfire Faire Vendor

Seller Final Fantasy 14 Moonfire Faire

The Moonfire Fair Vendor can be found at (X: 34.7, Y: 25.8). However, to unlock the Moonfire Fair Vendor, you must first complete “Unseasonable Chills” and “A Treat to Beat the Heat”.

This special event provider only accepts fair vouchers as currency, but you can repeat the seasonal FATE for as long as the event is running and buy as many as you want. Here are the items available:

Moon fire mask stall (Furnishing)5 fair vouchers
Grilled Corn (Furnishing)5 fair vouchers
Costa del Hielo (Furnishing)5 fair vouchers
Storm tracker (Consumable / Fireworks)1 fairground voucher
Flame Tracer (Consumable / Fireworks)1 fairground voucher
Snake tracer (Consumable / Fireworks)1 fairground voucher
Lominsan sparkler (Consumable / Fireworks)1 fairground voucher
Gridan’s sparkler (Consumable / Fireworks)1 fairground voucher
Ul’dahn sparkler (Consumable / Fireworks)1 fairground voucher
Bombarde Bloom (Consumable / Fireworks)1 fairground voucher
Reel (Consumable / Fireworks)1 fairground voucher

To note: You can purchase event-themed items from previous Moonfire Faire events from any Reward Officer NPC. However, you must have completed the previous events and obtained the achievements to purchase items from that year.

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