How to use the recycling machine

Fish in Stardew Valley can lead players to profitable days when harvesting or foraging doesn’t yield much gold. There are many different areas where players can fish, each with unique species depending on the weather, time of day, and time of year. This activity, however, is not always productive and players will soon find that they can actually fish for trash in Stardew Valley.

However, this trash can is not just waste. Players can flip the items they are fishing in Stardew Valley into much more useful items thanks to the recycling machine. Here’s everything players need to know about this item and what it can do.


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How to Get a Recycling Machine in Stardew Valley

As with other items, players must earn their way to get a Scrap Machine. This item can be crafted, but the recipe only becomes available after a player has reached Fishing level 4 in Stardew Valley. Reaching this level occurs after players have done quite a bit of fishing, harvesting crab pots, or collecting items from fish ponds. The recipe calls for 25 wood, 25 stone and 1 iron bar. The first two items are relatively easy to find, but an iron bar requires players to collect 5 iron ore and a single piece of coal, and combine them in a furnace.

In addition to crafting Scrap Machines, players can earn one by completing the Field Research Bundle in Stardew ValleyCommunity Center. This lot is on the bulletin board and requires a Purple mushroom, a nautilus shell, a chub and a jelly geode complete

How to Use a Recycling Machine in Stardew Valley

Once placed, Recycling Machines can be activated by having an eligible item active and right-clicking on the machine. There are five wastes in Stardew Valley that a Recycling Machine can convert for players:

Trash can (1-3) Stone, (1-3) Coal or (1-3) Iron Ore
Driftwood (1-3) Wood or (1-3) Coal
soggy log (3) Torch or (1) Cloth
broken cd (1) Refined Quartz
Broken glasses (1) Refined Quartz

Waste has the highest chance of being converted into stone (49%), then coal (31%), and finally iron ore (21%). Driftwood is more likely to be converted into wood (75%) than coal (25%). Finally, soggy newspaper is much more likely to be recycled into torches (90%) than into fabric (10%). The Recycling Machine takes an in-game hour to convert waste and, unfortunately, cannot recycle Joja Cola or Rotten Plants.

Stardew Valley is available now on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Mobile.

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