I will choose money over love – The Sun Nigeria

Nollywood actress, Eka Duke has done crazy things for love.

When meeting Saturday Sun, the Cross River State-born screenplay performer, affectionately known as “Nollywood’s Naughty Princess,” said, “I know I’m a very naughty girl; my boyfriend fully understands my kind of career and how naughty I could be. He knows I have to be entertaining in every way. I do a lot of line dancing and sometimes it feels crazy. But they all act and he understands. I’ve done a lot of crazy things for love. The one that still resonates in my memory is the day I walked alone at midnight to help an ex who was stuck on the road.

When asked to choose her priority among sex, love and money, the microbiology graduate wasted no time in choosing money above the rest. Listen to her: “It sure is money. Love can come later. Money won’t warm me on cold nights or rainy days. The hunt is real, trust me; every man appreciates a woman who can stand up for herself and isn’t totally dependent on him. I appreciate love. But don’t get me wrong, it’s money all the way to me.

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Eka Duke, however, hinted to Saturday Sun that she will soon undergo surgery to improve her appearance. “I will definitely be getting liposuction, but that will be after giving birth. For now, let me continue to maintain my body with exercise and diet.

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