iPhone 13 user? YOU MUST BEWARE! This cable can steal your money! Know how to protect yourself from online scams

When you charge your iPhone 13 next time, be careful. It could be attack hardware designed to hack into your system and steal your money. Find out how to protect yourself from this online scam.

Imagine this. You are outside and you need to charge your iPhone 13. But there is no outlet available. So you decide to use your laptop to charge the smartphone. You plug it in with a Lightning cable you just borrowed from someone and get back to work. You may have opened your social networks to check notifications, you may have made an online payment, or you may have simply logged into your personal email account to reply to emails. And then you leave your device for five minutes to go talk to a friend or go to the bathroom. Once back, you find that all the money in your bank account is gone! Read also : How to tell if your iPhone or Android device has been infected with a virus

To make matters worse, you have lost access to your social media and email account and someone is posting incriminating content there. Reported by Forbes, let’s find out about this innovative and dangerous technology.

All of this can be done using a single Lightning cable, and you’ll never suspect a thing. What is this new hacking device and how can it be used to steal your money? Keep reading to find out. Also check how to protect your iPhone 13 from this online scam.

An iPhone 13 Lightning cable can hack your device

While this technology has been around for a while and hackers around the world are using it to their advantage, according to Forbes, a company called O.MG has manufactured these attack hardware that look like USB storage, Lightning cables, Lightning to USB-C adapters. , Android USB cables that look like the charging cable for Samsung devices and more. However, the company does not try to launch online scams at people. It is a security research company that sells these devices to publicize the vulnerabilities that exist in our devices. In fact, the sale of these products is also completely legal. If you want to check their provider’s website here.

The logic behind this type of hack is simple. Although our modern devices are quite adept at fighting hacking attempts from virtual sources, they are very trusting of all physically connected devices. In fact, O.MG cables don’t even show the “USB not recognized” warning because they’ve been programmed to appear as if they’re made by an official source. And once you have connected your iPhone 13 to the laptop or PC, it’s game over. Read also : Magic trick! How to remove virus from laptop without antivirus

The operation is quite ingenious. The small USB adapter contains a wireless network that allows a remote device to connect up to 2000 meters away. Once plugged in, the hacker’s smartphone is directly connected to the victim’s laptop and it can now not only deliver malicious payloads but also read every word typed on the device via a keylogger. This means that everything from financial details to social media passwords will be at the hacker’s fingertips. And the poor victim will believe that he was only recharging his iPhone 13. So how do you protect yourself from this online scam?

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