Jagex (finally) adds a clan system to Old School Runescape

Proving that sometimes you can Teaching an old dog new tricks, Jagex introduced a clan system in his long-running MMORPG OId School Runescape on mobile devices and PCs.

Players can head to the in-game Clan Hub located in the Grand Exchange to begin the clan creation process, and also to access Clan Hall. Clans will have their own Clan Rooms, Chat Rooms, and other unique perks.

In order to create a Clan, players will need at least 25 hours of play time and at least five players in the Clan Hub at a time. Up to 500 players, depending on official site, can join a clan. Creators of each clan have a full suite of options available to them at all times, including accessing applicants, assigning member permissions, and the ability to remove clan members if necessary.

More updates are coming for Old School Runescape with Clans, including a toggle that allows players to switch between modern and classical music, as well as a new quest called Theater of Blood coming June 2.

Old School Runescape is a mobile and PC adaptation of the original format of the seasoned MMORPG, launched in January 2001. The “Old School” version was released in February 2013 and is based specifically on the August 2007 version of the game.

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