Kill thousands of skeletons in RuneScape’s next Halloween event


While today’s developer Livestream, Jagex revealed details of the upcoming Halloween event for RuneScape. The live stream featured community manager Mod Hooli, live stream producer Mod Spear, and junior content developer Mod Zura. Celebrating Halloween has become a tradition for Jagex, as it is the eighteenth Halloween event released for their popular MMORPG.

This year’s event will function as an extension of last year’s event. Once again, it will take place at the Halloween Hub at Draynor Manor. Three of the four mini-quests and activities from last year will make a return. In addition to these, there will be two new mini-quests and activities to complete.

What’s new?

The first new activity involves a hack-and-slash inspired game mode in which you kill thousands of skeletons. The player must jump between these to kill them, while using special abilities that have cooldowns to speed up the process. Completing this activity provides spooky tokens, a Slayer experience, and a magical experience.

The other novelty of this year RuneScape The Halloween event Guns Down the Crassians. As the name suggests, this involves firing a cannon at Crassian monsters for a hunting and fishing experience. There are three routes that Crassians can take. By switching between each lane and shooting the Crassian, you can maximize experience gains. This is played the same way as tower defense games like Plants vs. Zombies.

You can spend all of the Scary Tokens earned by participating in these activities in the Scary Death Reward Shop. In this store, Death will be selling cosmetics from last year’s event as well as a bunch of brand new products. Additionally, Jagex uses this event to bring back cosmetics from several other past Halloween events. This will be the first time that players have had the chance to acquire some of these cosmetics in several years.

The final improvement comes in the form of a revamp of Spooky Time Buff. During last year’s event, this buff randomly triggered the buff experience gained in Draynor Manor by 10%. This year, however, the buff will be applied every three hours instead, which will make planning easier. Additionally, the experience buffs provided by Spooky Time while active have been increased by up to 12%. Ironmen and Ironwomen accounts will not be able to benefit from this bonus or purchase experience lamps and stars from the reward store.


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