Lawyer Sentenced in Money Laundering Conspiracy Case

BALTIMORE (AP) – A federal jury convicted a prominent Maryland lawyer on Tuesday in a money laundering conspiracy case, but acquitted his co-defendants.

Kenneth Ravenell, 61, of Monkton, was convicted of conspiracy to commit money laundering but acquitted of racketeering and narcotics conspiracy charges, media reported.

Ravenell faces up to 20 years in prison when sentenced on May 14. Under Maryland rules, his conviction will suspend his lawyer license.

Jury found lawyer Joshua Treem, 73, of Columbia, and investigator Sean Gordon, 45, of Crownsville not guilty of forging documents, obstructing formal proceedings and conspiring to commit crimes against the federal government.

Treem, a former federal prosecutor, was the attorney for Lee Boyd Malvo, the teenager convicted of sniper attacks in the Washington area. He began representing Ravenell in 2016 as part of a federal grand jury investigation into Ravenell’s work.

The charges were part of an investigation into a multi-state marijuana operation. Ravenell was indicted in 2019 and charged with helping his drug trafficker client launder money. Prosecutors alleged that Ravenell used his company’s accounts to hide hundreds of thousands of dollars in drug products and pay attorneys retained by other members of the conspiracy.

Last year, an indictment alleged that Ravenell, Treem and Gordon had worked together to obstruct an investigation.

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