‘Limited Unlimited Money’: How One Man Became ‘World’s Richest For 7 Minutes’, Beating Musk, Trending News

A Briton has claimed on YouTube that he became “the richest man in the world for seven minutes” after opening a company called “unlimited money limited”.

Max Fosh registered the company online as: unlimited money limited and in the box that asked what the company would do, he posted – earn money, however, an error popped up asking him to choose the commercial activity of the company.

Fosh nonchalantly ticked the box that said: making “macaroni, noodles, couscous, and similar flour products.” However, he admitted he didn’t understand what “farinaceous” means but said “it’s what the company does”.

His candidacy to become a billionaire went viral on the net as users had a lot of fun.


He then discovers that 10 billion shares “work” and goes ahead to “submit” his application online which, according to the website, will take two working days to process.

He obtains a “certificate” and declares that “unlimited money limited” is “officially” a company.

“If I set up and registered a company with 10 billion shares with an unlimited money limit and sold a share for 50 pounds as an investment opportunity, that would legally value my company at 500 billion pounds, technically,” he said, declaring, “It would make me the richest man in the world, completely decimating my closest rival, Elon Musk.”

Although he admits that he could be declared “fraudulent”. “It’s not good,” he said. He then wears a suit and settles in the financial district of London and, after a bit of persuasion, even finds an “investor” who signs a £50 deal completing the “share transfer”. He then sends the documents to the assessment advisor.

Two weeks later he receives his answer – and the market capitalization is valued at “500 billion pounds”, making him “the richest man in the world”, but as the company has no income and no manufactures nothing, the letter read, “Due to the lack of revenue-generating activity, it is highly likely that you will now be charged with fraudulent activity.”

The letter recommends that “limited unlimited money” be “dissolved”. Fosh rushes to shut down the business not before asking the sole ‘shareholder’ that he is willing to repay the £50. However, he adds that he will frame the “certificate”.

The video has gone viral with over 719,850 views so far. The title proudly states, “I became the richest man in the world for 7 minutes.”

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