Lincoln’s Circulating Four Pennies Just Sold Online For Up To $2,025

YOUR coins could be worth a pretty penny.

The US Mint has produced pennies and other coins for over 200 years.


These pennies are selling for way more than their original value

Importantly, some rare pennies have sold in the thousands.

And finding them may be easier than you think.

Generally, the value of a coin depends on its quality and low mintage.

It’s also important to check the date, which could indicate a well-known error – meaning the coin could be worth more than you think.

Lincoln coin roll sells for $1,251 online
A rare Lincoln wheat penny sells for $203 online

Many collectors have found unique coins on websites such as USA Coin Book or eBay.

Some have also found luck by sending pictures of their coins to coin collectors or dealers, who can spot a winner through your change.

So it might be time to check those pockets or under your couch cushions, because your coins might be valuable.

Below we have listed four rare and valuable Lincoln pennies that have recently sold.

Every penny has been listed as distributed, which means you’re more likely to find them in your pocket or around your house.

1955 Lincoln Cent Penny Double Obverse – $2,025

This penny is one of the most popular error coins produced by the United States Mint


This penny is one of the most popular error coins produced by the United States Mint

One of the most famous coins in existence bears the date of 1955 and is known as the double die penny.

Double die refers to a duplication of design elements that occurs when a part is not made correctly, also known as error.

The 1955 error penny features the doubling of the date and the words “In God We Trust” and “Liberty”.

According to USA Coin Book, this double coin and error penny is the most famous of all.

The coin market estimates the value at $1,318 in average condition, but can be worth up to $17,057 in uncirculated grades.

In a recent listing, there was high demand, as the starting price was just 99 cents before rapidly climbing to $500.

It then continued to rise by the hundreds until it finally sold for $2,025.

Moreover, its value has been derived thanks to its high content, AU-55.

This means that the penny was “About uncirculated”, while “55” is the numerical classification of this note.

For context, the broadcast ratings only go up to 58 – so that’s about as good as it gets.

1914 Penny Lincoln – $1,625.00

1914-D Lincoln Cent is one of the key dates in the Lincoln Cent series


1914-D Lincoln Cent is one of the key dates in the Lincoln Cent series

Another valuable penny features a date of 1914 with a letter D, which represents its mint location in Denver.

The penny, (like the double die coin), is part of the wheat series, which was created in the early 1900s to commemorate Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

The front features an image of Lincoln and a pair of wheat sprigs on the reverse.

The wheat penny was minted for circulation from 1909 to 1958 and designed by Victor David Brenner.

The mintage of the 1914-D penny is just over 1.1 million, according to USA Coin Book.

The estimated value of this penny is around $285 if in fair condition, but can be worth between $2,277 and $3,764 if in mint (MS) condition.

A 1914-D Lincoln penny sold on eBay for $1,625.00 last month.

This penny has also been graduated in AU 55.

1922 Lincoln Penny – $511.00

These pennies were supposed to feature a D mark


These pennies were supposed to feature a D mark

All Lincoln pennies in 1922 were minted in Denver, which means they should have received a D mint mark.

However, there was a problem with the mint dies, resulting in very dull marks or none at all.

Pennies without D marking are the rarest and favorite among collectors.

USA Coin Book estimates the value of Unmarked D Mint Mark 1922-D Lincoln Wheat Pennies worth $970 in fair condition.

Meanwhile, coins in state of SP can be valued between $12,541 and $30,724.

A 1922 penny with no mint mark sold for $511.00 after 32 bids.

It was described by the seller as a “no D” part.

1931 Lincoln Wheat Penny – $192.50

This penny is the 4th lowest total mintage year in the series


This penny is the 4th lowest total mintage year in the series

The 1931 Lincoln Wheat Penny was minted in three US mints: San Francisco, Denver, and Philadelphia.

This rarest coin is 1931-S due to its low mintage of 866,000.

In average condition, the coin is worth $102, and up to $215 if grade MS 63.

A 1931-S coin was listed on eBay at face value: one cent.

But after 42 bids, it sold for $192.50 after 42 bids.

How to find out what your coins are worth

As a general rule, the most valuable coins are those with low mintage or error, as collectors find these coins to be among the rarest.

eBay is a great website to check if your coins are valuable.

Simply search for the full coin name, select the “sold” listing, then switch the search to “highest value”.

If your coins are rare and valuable, you can sell them on eBay or go through a specialized site like Coinappraiser or USA Coin Book.

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A coin expert reveals the most valuable Lincoln pennies worth up to $20,000 you might have in your wallet.

Additionally, a rare 1914 Lincoln penny sold for $247 online.

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