Most Important Addons To Have When Playing WoW TBC Classic

Addons are an integral part of the World of Warcraft experience, whether you play Shadowlands or The Burning Crusade Classic. While some people might say that the game is best enjoyed without any add-ons, the truth is, you absolutely need these kind of plugins if you want to stay competitive. It’s no secret that the vast majority of WoW players use addons, so you would be doing yourself a disservice by avoiding them. Quite the contrary.

But what are the most important addons to have while playing World of Warcraft? Well, there are too many to count in the case of Shadowlands, so in this article we are going to be focusing exclusively on TBC Classic addons. There are many addons available that are specialized and are only worth your time in certain situations, but there are also some that you will want, regardless of your playstyle or class. These general versatile addons are the ones we’ll cover here. Let’s start with the most obvious.


Questie is by far one of the most important addons you will need to play Burning Crusade Classic. As the name suggests, this addon acts as a quest assistant that displays important objectives and other useful information on your map. The addon not only helps you complete current quests, but also tells you where to find quests you haven’t discovered yet and even tells you their required levels.

This kind of information is absolutely essential if you want to level up at a reasonable pace. Otherwise, all you have to do is read the quest text found in your journal, which is often vague and / or of little use. Purists might say that not having access to the information provided by addons like Questie makes quests more difficult and enjoyable. However, the truth is, it only makes them more boring. The developers themselves eventually realized this, which is why later expansions have a built-in Quest Assistant that works pretty much exactly like Questie.

Seller price

If you are the kind of gamer who would rather buy WoW EU TBC gold instead of farming it, you can probably skip this addon. Otherwise, you will definitely want to grab it because the seller’s price is one of the most important addons for making gold. Vendor Price is a pretty straightforward add-on that just shows you the price of any item you have in your inventory. This is a great feature because it helps you determine whether you should keep certain items to sell at the auction house later or get rid of them as soon as possible at the nearest seller. Vendor Price is especially useful when leveling up and your bag space is limited, but can also come in handy when you are at maximum level.

Scrap metal (unwanted seller)

Yet another quality of life addon that is virtually impossible to play without after trying it once. Scrap automatically sells all of your junk every time you visit a seller, a feature that should have been available in the game by default if you ask us. Additionally, Scrap provides the added benefit of automatically repairing your equipment when you visit a blacksmith or other vendor offering repair services. Scrap (Junk Seller) is fully compatible with other important add-ons related to inventory management, but requires you to download certain compatibility plugins in some cases.

To abandon

Deadly Boss Mods

You can’t leave DBM out when talking about the most important addons for WoW TBC Classic, or any expansion for that matter. The addon is quite complex if you want to dig deep and try to take advantage of all of its features, however, this is optional. The most important feature of the addon does not require any configuration and becomes available as soon as you install it. DBM walks you through all of the most important PVE encounters in real time, letting you jump into dungeons and raids without necessarily knowing what to expect in advance.

While it can be fun to learn boss encounters through trial and error, you have to remember that most of the people who play TBC Classic on the NA and EU servers are seasoned WoW players. This means they already know what to expect and will give you a hard time if you have no idea. In addition, you still have to perform well during meetings and have good reaction times so it’s not as if the addon does everything for you. DBM simply makes your life easier by alerting you each time a meeting moves to a different phase.


World of Warcraft has undergone a lot of changes over the years but we’ve never seen Blizzard implement a complete UI overhaul. Shadowlands UI looks like we had in the vanilla version of the game and the same goes for The Burning Crusade Classic. But just because Blizzard hasn’t updated the UI doesn’t mean we can’t do it on our own. There are a number of important add-ons that allow you to do this, but the easiest to set up should be Bartender.

What Bartender does is allow you to take just about any UI element and move it around, customize it, or get rid of it altogether. This includes action bars, position bars, reputation bar, pet bar, bag bar, etc. For the most part, the addon focuses on bars but also has some degree of frame support. Completely redesigning your UI can be a tedious and somewhat intimidating process if you’ve never done it before, but it’s the kind of thing you only have to do once and it will play a big part. in your enjoyment of the game. World of Warcraft is almost two decades old at this point, but with Bartender you can make it look like a modern game.


Details! Damage counter

Getting a detailed analysis of your combat performance just using built-in tools is next to impossible in WoW TBC Classic. There is simply not enough to work. And, as we all know, the communities on WoW EU Classic and NA servers place a lot of emphasis on going over DPS counters, especially during raids. In fact, many raid groups won’t even let you join unless you can prove you’re capable of doing a lot of damage.

Needless to say, a damage meter is one of the most important addons you will ever need in Burning Crusade Classic and there is none better than Details! The addon is very simple and requires little configuration if all you want to do is monitor your DPS or healing, but it comes with plenty of customization options if you want to level up. The best part about this addon is that it allows you to monitor and analyze the performance of everyone in your group, even those who haven’t installed Details themselves. This makes the addon essentially mandatory for raid bosses, but everyone should definitely have it, too.


Crafting gold is more important than ever in TBC Classic, and one of the best ways to farm gold is by collecting professions. The only problem is that finding precious mineral nodes or clusters of herbs can be a very long process if you don’t know where they spawn. Normally it would take you a while to memorize these tricks, but with GatherMate2 you don’t have to worry about them because this addon shows their location on your map even if you have never discovered them before. GatherMate2 extracts data directly from Wowhead so you can be sure the information is always up to date.


AtlasLoot Classic

Tired of fighting bosses without knowing exactly what loot they’re dropping and whether or not you need it? Of course, you can easily search for loot tables on the internet, but it’s much better to have that kind of information available in the game and that’s exactly what this addon does. Atlas LootClassic shows you the possible loots for each boss in the game. Not only will you have access to the in-game loot tables whenever you want, but the addon also displays everything in a very neat and well put together user interface which is a blast. to navigate.

Among other things, AtlasLoot Classic can also be used to display all of the best sets for each class as well as BiS items during each phase of the expansion. Plus, you can create favorite items for easy access and get information on crafting recipes, factions, world events, and more. AtlasLoot Classic is essential if you care about efficiency and planning when playing World of Warcraft TBC. It’s also worth noting that you can grab a plugin for the add-on that allows it to display detailed maps of dungeons and raids. This is another key feature that you don’t want to miss, so be sure to grab the Maps plugin as well.

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