No, you do not have $500 Google Store credit

The Google Store has been going through a few tweaks lately, but the latest change unfortunately makes people think they have $500 in store credit at their disposal.

This problem starts with the Google Store getting a redesigned account menu when you tap on your profile avatar in the top right corner of the page. Everything is better spaced out, while the menu items (Orders, Preferred Care, Subscriptions, My Nest Home and Settings) are accompanied by modern Google icons.

Below the message noting your Google One benefit, there is a total of “Google Store credit“. If you have Google Store credit in your account, the balance will show as $500.

In my case, I have just over $2, with that correct amount reflected in the last step of the checkout process or in the settings. We replicated this issue with three accounts in total.

Meanwhile, the US Google Store is no longer highlighting Earth Day (although those deals are still active until the end of the day) and is reverting to showcasing the Pixel Pass subscription. The “Designed to be useful” carousel is also back.

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