NS&I savers say they still can’t access accounts due to technical issue

‘Life is too short to deal with NS&I’: Savers lose patience with bank as new online two-factor login system continues to cause technical issues

  • NS&I’s TrustPilot page is flooded with complaints from frustrated customers
  • They say they can’t access their online accounts with a new login system
  • NS&I said most customers have been able to use the new system successfully
  • The team advises savers to consult the FAQ page on the NS&I website
  • Had a problem with your NS&I account? Contact [email protected]

Hundreds of customers say they still cannot access their savings accounts with NS&I due to its new online login system, three weeks after the problem was first reported.

They took to the National Savings Bank page on the TrustPilot consumer review website, complaining that they couldn’t log in after implementing a two-factor security system.

This is Money has also heard directly from readers who have been affected by the ongoing technical issues and who said they were unable to log into their accounts through the website.

Tech glitch: NS&I customers say they have no way to access their savings after two-factor authentication system complicates login process

A customer, Peter, emailed This is Money after a month of unsuccessful attempts to access his account. Every time he tries to get online, he says, the system produces a message that there has been a technical problem and he needs to start over.

Despite repeated calls and emails to NS&I’s support team as well as filing a formal complaint, he says he has yet to receive a response.

He is not alone. Almost daily for weeks, new complaints have appeared on NS&I’s public page on the TrustPilot consumer website from frustrated customers unable to access their savings.

Many on the site report that the NS&I security system says they’ve reached their “trusted device limit” when they try to connect, which means they’ve reached the maximum number of different devices that they can. they can use to access their account.

However, many users say that they receive this message even though they have tried to log in to the site using the same device, for example a home laptop, that they have always used and without attempting to log in since then. anywhere else.

In August, This is Money reported issues with the two-factor login system. At the time, NS&I’s social media team was responding to complaints reassuring customers that the issue with its systems and phone line was being resolved.

Yet nearly three weeks later, the login system still seems to be plagued with issues.

In a statement, the NS&I spokesperson said: “Customer security is extremely important to us, which is why we have added an additional layer of authentication to our security process, which will make our customers’ accounts even safer customers.”

“The vast majority of people were able to complete the process.”

He added that anyone in need of help should contact his helpline on 08085 007 007, which is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

The team suggested that customers who receive the message that they have exceeded the number of trusted browsers should ensure that they are not browsing privately, using the web in “incognito mode”, as this may be the source of the problem.

Additionally, they also advised customers with issues to check their FAQ page or use the web chat feature on the NS&I website to speak to a member of their team.

A customer who goes through R Willis on TrustPilot said he managed to access the site through the Opera web browser, after two days of trying through Chrome, Bing or Edge without success.

Others, however, say they are ready to leave NS&I all together following their recent experience.

Steve posted on Trust Pilot to say that after being unable to access his premium bonds and poor customer service, he and his wife will both close their accounts, adding “Life is too short to deal with NS&I !”

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