Old School Runescape: 10 Best Benefits of Cape

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The World of Gielinor features a range of illustrious and hard-earned cloaks for the few Old School Runescape players willing to spend their time earning them. These capes are awarded for earning 99 in certain skills, completing much of the game content, and for super fans who typically spend too much time in the game.

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If you’re wondering which cloak is worth your effort, here are 10 that may hold the key to speeding up those banks and houses while fighting boss monsters for profit, making you more money in skills, and can generally make Old School Runescape a more rewarding and rewarding experience.

Forge skill

Cap Forgeron OSRS

Rewarded for reaching 99 Smithing, the Smithing Skillcape rewards its wearer with additional help when forging larger bars such as adamantine and runite that require a large amount of charcoal, allowing your sack of charcoal to hold 36 instead of 27 minerals.

Its biggest advantage, however, is that it allows you to hold more coal in addition to acting as Goldsmith Gauntlets, allowing you faster blast furnace races and additional inventory space.

Remote Skillcape

OSRS remote heading

The prize for reaching 99 from a distance, the skillcape Ranging acts in place of the Avas accumulator, which means you shouldn’t forget it in the bank when you embark on these arduous tasks of killer and bosses, only for your arrows to fall to the ground.

As with all Skillcapes, Ranging Skillcape also has a +9 to all defensive stats and a +4 prayer bonus if cut, giving you the defensive bonuses of a cloak and the benefits of handle an Avas accumulator in one.


OSRS agricultural cap

Rewarded for reaching 99 Farming, the Farming Skillcape can give you unlimited teleports to the Farming Guild in the Kebos Lowlands, allowing easy access to a bank vault and also at the foot of Mount Karuulm.

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It also gives the user a 5x yield on all herb plots, which can make you a big profit on some of the more expensive herbs, while also providing Ironmen with a faster way to reach a 99 in Herbalism. .

Damage points

Cap Hitpoint OSRS

Rewarded for reaching 99 health points, the Hitpoint Skillcape not only has one of the best Skillcape perks in the game, but is also arguably one of the nicest, awarding points for the fashion landscape while also giving you a massive combat advantage.

The Hitpoint Skillcape grants the 2x health point restoration bonus to its wielder, which means less time to save on those tougher killer tasks and boss races, and more time to hunt for those elusive drops.


OSRS magic cloak

Rewarded for achieving 99 Magic, the Magic Skillcape offers its wearer five daily grimoire changes per day, with a choice of Standard, Ancient Magicks, Lunar, and Arceus books.

While for many players this might not immediately seem useful after teleporting, these spellbook changes open up the old school PvP game world. It allows its wearer to use the Tele Block spell in the standard grimoire before upgrading to Ancient Magicks for certain high damage Ice Barrage spells to freeze their enemy in place, and is essential for taking out high level players for massive rewards.

Quest Cap

OSRS Quest Cap

The Quest Cloak is awarded to the few players who have taken the time to complete all of the quests that Runescape has to offer, good or bad, and is a great reward for those looking for a useful teleporter in addition to taking advantage of the reduced prices of the nightmare area.

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The Quest Cloak allows its wearer to teleport to the Legends Guild an unlimited number of times per day, which is essential for those looking to browse through elite and high-level master clue scrolls. .

Achievement Journal Cap

OSRS achievement cap

The Achievement Log Cloak is arguably the hardest cloak in the game, even rivaling the Max Cloak, requiring you to complete all of the Achievement Log levels in order to wield it.

Its use comes from its abundance of niche teleportation slots, allowing unlimited teleports to any of the Journal of Achievement masters located throughout Gielinor without the need to wear runes.

Arts and crafts

OSRS Manufacturing Cape

Awarded for reaching 99 Crafting, the Crafting Skillcape has arguably one of the best and most useful teleports in the game, especially for grinding skills on mobile, although it might not seem so useful at first glance.

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The ability to teleport to the Crafting Guild an unlimited number of times per day is immeasurably useful for being the closest teleport to a bank in the game. This means quick teleports during Slayer Races, Skills or boss races, without the need to waste inventory slots on multiple teleportation runes.


OSRS construction cap

Rewarded for reaching 99 Construction, the Construction Skillcape gives the wearer the best teleportation in the game: direct to the player!

By having 99 Builds to carry this, it is evident that your home already contains many of the top level amenities you would expect; as a Portal Nexus for any convenient teleportation you want alongside a Pool of Rejuvenation. A Rejuvenation Pool remains the best POH element in the game, allowing you to quickly recharge prayer, manage energy, health, special attacks, reduced stats, and even heal diseases and poisons.

Cap Max

Cap Max OSRS

The Max Cape is the prize for those who hit 99 in each of Old School Runescape’s 23 skills, taking a ridiculously long time to complete but hiding the biggest advantage the game has to offer.

The max cloak allows the advantage of each skill cloak in the game to be used, giving its wearer access to the crafting cloak chest and teleporting the house belonging to the construction cloak player in one. only cape! This is hands down the best cloak in the game, and can even be combined with other cloaks such as Infernal and Mythic Cloaks as well as Avas Assembler for arguably some of the best fashion and bragging rights that Gielinor has ever seen. has to offer.

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