Old School Runescape Adds Fan Favorite Features To The Game

From agility assistants to the tracking experience, Jagex is adding things that fans only had in third-party software right into Old School Runescape.

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Numerous Old-fashioned runic landscape more and more players are used to using things like Runelite in order to make Old-fashioned runic landscape more modern and organized. Other players have regularly turned to third-party software to set invisible hitboxes on enemies, or to track gold and experience earned. These players will benefit from the latest set of client features that Jagex is currently rolling out to the gaming audience.

For those who don’t know, Old-fashioned runic landscape is the 2007 version of its most recent version, Runic Landscape 3. Although this is the old version, many fans found this version to be even better than the newer one, with Old-fashioned runic landscape surpassing the new version in number of players. Due to the traction of this older version, Jagex, the developers of Runescape, continuously updated the old version with additional content such as Old-fashioned runic landscape Combat achievements. Ironically, gamers have also used third-party programs to enhance their experience with this older version of the game.

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The new client features introduced by Jagex contain a lot of things that players previously relied on Runelite or third parties. Among the most popular Old-fashioned runic landscape As content creators, agility course hitbox markers are used with almost no exceptions, as knowing the exact hitbox for agility courses makes those click intensive clicks much more user friendly. Customizable tile markers are also extremely important for some member Iron-Man mode players. Useful for completing mazes and solving puzzles, these colorful tiles are no longer exclusive to third-party programs, as Jagex now helps more hardcore players use the base client instead.

These additions could not have come soon enough according to the gaming community. With Old-fashioned runic landscape shattering the number of concurrent players, much of the community is looking to take their old favorite game and update it with lots of modern additions. This is exactly what Jagex does by adding many modern concepts such as a Buff Bar which Old-fashioned runic landscape has never seen things like in his gameplay career. Allowing players to see their current buffs such as potions, poison debuffs, and ammo meter for arrows all at a glance has always been something players have had to look for in additional programs for run alongside the base game. These quality of life changes go from additional software directly to the game thanks to Jagex.

With a lot of Runescape new players joining the community via Twitch or Amazon Prime Runescape Memberships, novice players have continuously sought to improve their quality of play to that of Runescape content creators while just using the core client for the game. Luckily for these gamers, Jagex is listening to their pleas.

The two versions of Runescape are available now on PC and mobile with a free version available.

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