Old School Runescape Adds New Boss Challenges

Jagex adds artisanal ways to spice up boss fights in Old School Runescape by providing additional rewards for completing a series of tasks.

A player fighting a dragon in Old School RuneScape

Many players from the Old-fashioned runic landscape the community adapts its combat capabilities in PvP or by fighting bosses for potential at the corresponding drop table. Some players in the community have taken battle bosses to a whole new level by modifying their mastery of Runescape by hitting some to death or using inferior equipment. Jagex seeks to capitalize on the love of gamers to find interesting ways to fight bosses by adding a rewarding concept to do so. Many online gamers have only been rewarded for their popularity on the internet in how skillfully they’ve fought bosses in the past, but that won’t be the case anymore.

Old-fashioned runic landscape was released in 2013, but was a reissue of Runescape‘s build in 2007. This was done intentionally because many players did not like the direction of the new version of Runescape was gone and wanted to play an older one; both for nostalgia and for its different gameplay. With the majority of the game being a point-and-click game, many find it difficult or surprising that these players are able to perform such difficult tasks, with such limited controls. Jagex the developer of the PC and mobile versions of Runescape, seeks to make these challenging in-game tasks more accessible and fun for players of all skill levels, calling them “combat achievements”.

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Those who have known the game for a long time will have already experienced something similar to the new combat achievements; The Achievement Diaries, which are mini-quests mainly across the world of Runescape separated by region, is an almost identical format in which combat achievements will work. After completing the easy level of combat achievements, a player can continue to take the medium difficulty list, then hard, and so on. Along with the difficulty of tasks scaling for each level, the rewards also scale appropriately by providing things like limited teleports to regions and possible infinite teleportation to said region. There will also be real monetary rewards based on who completes each difficulty level first and with Old-fashioned runic landscapewith a booming player count, it will be quite a challenge.

With this addition of gameplay to the game, Jagex has very obviously tried to capture every concept that players are interested in. A lot Old-fashioned runic landscape community members have recently started to limit themselves to specific regions of the map in order to complete incredibly difficult challenges, and with that Jagex added Runescape leagues; an official version of the game more user-friendly for beginners. Likewise, players have always tried to defeat already very difficult bosses in borderline impossible situations, which is perfectly understood by Jagex by adding combat achievements to the game, for the enjoyment of all skill levels. players.

Battle Achievements are now available to all players, and there are still plenty of monetary rewards awaiting those who achieve the impossible. There are plenty of tasks available for free-to-play players, but each difficulty level requires a minimum of a member-only task, making membership mandatory to participate.

The two versions of Runescape are available now on PC and mobile with a free version available.

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