Old School RuneScape changes Guardians of the Rift and Beneath Cursed Sands after player feedback

the Old School RuneScape worked on improvements for the recently released Guardians of the Rift minigame. The mode went through a few changes this week along with several additional changes to Beneath Cursed Sands based on community feedback.

With the release of Guardians of the Rift, players had a chance to chew on it and suggest improvements. This week’s changes include the ability to recolor the Eye Amulet and Lost Bag, which can now be made red, blue, or green with the corresponding Abyss Dye. The Eye Amulet can also infinitely teleport you to the Rift Keepers lobby in case you need it. The Tarnished Medallion and Lost Bag have now been added to the Collection Journal and will unlock there retroactively for anyone who received them in drops. This collection log will now also show the number of exploit searches and closed exploits.

Changes to the Beneath Cursed Sands Master questline include a fix for the shadow boss animation, as well as a dialog change for the Pharaoh’s Scepter loading dialog. This will now let you know how many items are taken and how much charge was given to you in return. There is also an adjustment to the Keris Partisan weapon upgrade, which no longer has a slash bonus.

Adjustments in the update include ending the Easter event until next year, fixing the battle achievement, “Find the weak spot”, and a fix to what was an unintended skill method with just one click. This wasn’t originally planned, but now the fix means you can slice multiple fish into a single tick and the team decided to just leave it at that. Typos and extra achievements have also been fixed.

To read the full details of the update, head towards Old school RuneScape.

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