Old School RuneScape closes 2021 with event, proposed changes to the Ironman group, and 2022 preview


the Old School RuneScape The team closes 2021 with the Christmas event, a review of comments and proposed changes to the Ironman group, item well additions, and a look at 2022, including changes to the team’s approach to vis -to the new functionalities.

Christmas is happening in OSRS and the snow season will bring you gifts to help the squire who set out to restore the armor of his knight, Sir Vyvin, to its old white color after being washed with a Santa Claus costume. If you help him, there will be rewards.

The recent introduction of taxes and item collection systems has been successful, wiping out nearly 30 billion GP from the system per day, on average. The team added a few more items to the list of item sinks. There is also no plan to increase tax rates at this time, but some ideas have been pitched to the community on how to improve these new systems as they are used more and more. .

The successful launch of the Ironman Group after being a requested feature has helped modify release plans for additional content, but now the feedback the team has received, such as wanting more clarity on how to teleport to houses party members will work, concerns about players entering your home remotely, and potential features such as Iron party players being able to trade otherwise non-tradable items between their party members. Proposals to address some of these issues and demands will get a community vote.

Finally, there’s a preview of what’s to come, including the Fifth General, Nex, coming in the next major content update on January 5 and the next iteration of the War of the Gods dungeon. many of the changes and improvements this year were system improvements with certain features and content. In 2022, the team is making changes to their iteration process, which meant team members were taking two days off each month to try and come up with new features to add or changes to make. However, this will now take place in a weeklong game jam three times a year without any other interruptions that week. This means that there are no updates for these weeks, but hopefully allows team members to focus non-stop on making improvements and adding new features. .

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