Old School RuneScape Disables Shared Storage Due to “Unintended Item Behavior”

As a precaution, Jagex has disabled the storage of shared items during the new Group Ironman event in Old School RuneScape. According to the team, shared storage will remain inaccessible for the remainder of the weekend, with only group leaders able to pick up and drop off items.

Jagex is investigating some reports of “unintentional object behavior” in Old School RuneScape which has so far resulted in the necessary deactivation of shared storage. Despite the ongoing investigation, Jagex wants players to know this is a precautionary measure and has not revealed any evidence of anything untoward.

This is an investigation of reports of unexpected behavior of a storage-related item. Nothing suggests anything untoward, disabling item storage is just a precautionary measure. We appreciate your patience and we will keep you posted as soon as possible.

– Jagex, Old School RuneScape Twitter

Late yesterday, Jagex provided an update on the investigation, stating that they have made progress, but the investigation is ongoing and shutting down shared storage was a necessary precaution to take. However, they did allow group leaders to drop off and remove items from shared storage.

All of these issues fell with the release of the Ironman Group launch, which is a mode that allows players to band together for an Ironman mode, which uses shared storage that should normally be available to all players in the Ironman Group. You can read more about the Ironman Group mode on the Official page.

Players may remember in April RuneScape encountered another issue where players could not log in due to a lockdown. The problem took almost two months to be completely resolved. Although we do not anticipate a similar problem with Old School RuneScape, we know this affects players who were really excited to progress with Group Ironman this weekend.

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