Old School RuneScape gets a fresh start starting October 19

Following the recent fresh start server launch in Runescape, Old School RuneScape will release its own on October 19.

With the promise of a new world and the economy of completely clean slate, the option to bring Fresh Start to Old School RuneScape logic.

Starting new is an opportunity to play in the game you know, but with this opportunity you have a new economy and high scores. Fresh Start will have significant differences here than on Runescape. First of all, these Fresh Start servers will not have accelerated progress bonuses. No XP increase or drop rate increase, and there will be no Ironman mode. Since the team is targeting this on new players, they wanted keep it simple but fresh. Fresh Start worlds will also be free.

Fresh Start worlds will receive the same updates as the main game, so it will be fair with a new economy and high scores to make players feel like they’re not years behind everyone else. And it could also give you the opportunity to introduce the game to your friends without overwhelming them. The team is also preparing a set of exclusive Fresh Start achievements as a guidance system for new players trying things out.

After six months, these worlds will close and all of your progress will automatically carry over to the main game. All of your items will go with you, quest points, skill levels, and scores you may have earned. You will also have the chance to try for world premieres before your transfer.

This option will be available from the 19th on an opt-in basis.

Learn more about the Old School RuneScape Fresh Start worlds, including details on their achievements, startup, features, and what things will look like after six months, read the ad here.

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