Old School RuneScape Gets Lots of Nex Update Patches, So You Can Kill It Now

the Old School RuneScape Update for Nex: The Fifth General was released yesterday and immediately the community started giving feedback and reporting on several major bugs for the dungeon. Today the team released several hotfixes, described an additional upcoming fix, and responded to comments.

Nex’s exit initially went awry when the team began receiving reports that Nex was immune to damage during certain combat phases. When your boss can’t be attacked or downed, that clearly won’t work for a dungeon. They fixed it quickly and now you can take it down with no problem.

Two different issues with drops have also been fixed. One was a general missing drops bug and the other occurred in a very large cluster. Both of these issues have been resolved. In the case of the large group issue, the maximum capacity was reduced from 80 to 60 because it was a memory issue on an older version. If the memory capacity is reached, the game will start removing items if there are too many on the same tile.

The game will remove lower value items first, using the Grand Exchange as an indicator, but a few changes like reducing the supply amount and changing the ability should help. Those who face him in large groups will still have the same chance of getting uniques, but the total number will be smaller. Other changes included tweaks to make Nex harder in those very large groups. The 60 person cap should help, but his attacks have also been slightly adjusted.

One fix that hasn’t made it yet is that the Nex pet hasn’t been added to the collection of all pets, but this will be fixed in next week’s update.

Along with the series of fixes, there was also player feedback and a request to be able to battle Nex in private instances. It’s something they listen to and will consider switching to for a change in feedback.

For the full list of fixes and their impact on Nex combat, head to the updated notes here at Old school RuneScape.

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