Old School RuneScape group storage item drops will be restored

The team at Old School RuneScape worked hard to address initial issues with the launch of the Legends III servers and several subsequent issues, including some reported item losses in Ironman Group storage. There have been several hotfixes and new work in progress to address these issues and move things forward.

After launching the Legends III worlds, the team had to push a rollback to the servers right before the update that brought Legends. However, all scores and progress have been retained. The worlds successfully opened and the mode was live. Yet, no game is without bugs. The current Ironman group, however, seems to have the most impact.

Group Ironman is still a new mode, and the first the game has seen in years, so there were some growing pains. Shared storage for Ironman Group teams is even newer. Players have reported losing items connected to their group storage. In an update responding to initial reports, party storage has been confirmed to be stored in a different location from player save files. The issues were related to the decision to restore the main server to the point before the update. It appears that players who moved items from group storage before the restore were affected.

The issue could not be resolved via a patch like some other issues, but the patch will arrive. Upon investigation, they found that some players had lost items and others had received additional items. For those who have lost items, the OSRS team aims to restore what was lost following this week’s update. For those who received additional items, no action will be taken as the impact was relatively small.

For the full list of fixes and adjustments made after the Legends-related restore, see this update at Old school RuneScape.

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