Old School RuneScape improves the Ironman group with teleportation and a new storage expansion

the Old School RuneScape The Ironman Squad mode received some improvements in today’s update, along with the result of Ultimate Ironman death pile feedback, a website change, and more.

The focus of the update is a series of improvements and changes to the Ironman group. You will be able to teleport directly to your teammate using the Teleport Home spell, which has two new options, Group: Choose and Group: Previous. The first lets you choose which party to teleport to, and the second takes you to the last house you visited. There are conditions for this to work, including the owner being on the same world as you and not in Build Mode. All players can enter player-owned houses that are unlocked and do not have the private setting enabled. This will only work if you are friends with the owner.

Group Ironman also gets a storage expansion option that can be accessed by performing certain tasks. The Group Storage interface has a new update with a button that lets you click to display a list of tasks you can perform that will increase the size of Group Storage. These will be group-wide so they follow. Some of the examples given were equipping a Rune Platebody or achieving different amounts of point goals.

Changes to death stacks in Ultimate Ironman were proposed in December and now the community has spoken. Feedback on the proposals was mostly positive, but players had concerns about memory capacity because if there are too many items appearing on a single tile, the world will start deleting them to preserve stability. . The team confirms in this update that items will be saved to their own list when deaths occur as player deaths will be on the player save and not the world save.

Another change you may notice is a direct link to RuneLite on the homepage. This reflects the partnership Jagex was able to enter into with the RuneLite development team several months ago and is also an attempt to secure access so you know you are going to the mod’s official site.

To learn more about the update, head toward Old school RuneScape.

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