Old School RuneScape is now available on Steam

Jagex released Old School RuneScape on Steam, complete with cross-platform progression and an event to celebrate the game’s eighth anniversary. Seeing all this news about it absolutely blew me away with nostalgia. The free-to-play fantasy MMORPG is an older version of RuneScape from 2007 that was re-released as Old School RuneScape in 2013. It’s been available for download and online play for ages, but I don’t think I thought about it. since I was a little baby in school. Lumbridge! The Great Exchange! Not knowing what to do and just fight goblins in a forest! Oh no, I think I’m about to upload it to Steam.

I couldn’t have been over 12 when I first created a RuneScape account, as I’m pretty sure I had to lie about my age to register (you must be 13 to play) ( also please don’t read this, RuneScape font). My main memories are repeating the tutorial quest over and over and burning a lot of the shrimp I caught in the river. And that was back when it was just called RuneScape.

Here’s a trailer from 2009 that made me fall to ashes.

You will be able to log into an existing Old School RuneScape account when playing on Steam, or if you are new, you can simply log in with your Steam account. It has cross progression and play, so you will be able to transfer your save to other platforms and play with friends who are also on other platforms.

Both free and paid versions of the RuneScape operating system are available on Steam. Paying for it gives you access to more quests and other stuff. However, from what I remember, the free version has more than enough to explore. It also has achievements, collectible cards, and all those Steam gubbins if you like to collect that sort of thing.

Get sick offers at the Grand Exchange.

The game’s arrival on Valve’s platform coincides with its eighth birthday, so it is hosting an in-game event where players can earn a cosmetic banana cloak. A press release says existing Old School players are planning to congregate in the starting town, Lumbridge, to welcome all new Steam players as well, which looks delicious. As long as I’m not really into MMOs anymore, I regret how welcoming players can be. I have fond memories of aliens in savage looking armor that got me started when I was playing.

Old School RuneScape is available for download on Steam at present. Or you can still play it OldSchoolRuneScape.com, if you prefer.

The regular, more modern RuneScape is still there too. He arrived on Steam itself in October.

Elsewhere in the realms of RuneScape, developer Jagex was recently purchased by a private equity firm, The Carlyle Group. They reportedly plan to speed up the studio’s content creation and launch new games.

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