Old-School Runescape is the option for competitive players

Runescape and Old School Runescape (OSRS) are two of the most respected MMORPG titles out there. Unfortunately, as EuroGamer points out, Runescape has lost part of his advantage. Continuing in the vein of bad decisions made in the past, such as removing wild PvP between 2009 and 2011, the newer version of the game needs to do more to engage players. For those who enjoy PvP, OSRS and its weapons can provide a real old school PvP experience.

The basics

Runescape is a fairly straightforward game to tackle, but PvP requires pretty tight control over your character and their abilities. According to the fan community RuneFanatics, the key lies in learning how to prepare and craft. Items like the Dragon Crossbow and Agility Prep can make you even stronger in PvP. The combat mechanics in OSRS are fairly straightforward, so just being as prepared as possible will set you up to go.

Choose a construction

The OSRS wiki highlights a number of versions currently in play. Mauler, Hybrid, Tribrid, Berserk pure, Str pure are just a few player versions that you can deploy in PvP content – the key is knowing what you are doing. want. Take a look at the versions and find one that matches your playstyle and that will be powerful enough to help you dominate the competition. However, beware – no matter how strong your current build is, there will always be someone taller. Unfortunately, this can also sometimes be due to illegal reasons.

Stay above the edge

The PvP scene in OSRS is not without its history. As highlighted by Rock Paper Shotgun, a founding PvP tournament in 2017 was ruined by cheating. Overall, the game’s low barrier to entry makes it fertile ground for people looking to spoil the fun of others. Be aware of cheaters and stay protected from them – before heading out into the wild or participating in PvP tournaments, be prepared. Stay active in the community and look for the warning signs – often hackers will be detected long before you reach an area where they can harm you.

Apart from that, enjoy it. PvP in OSRS is a big show, something from the bygone era of MMORPGs. Modern games cannot compare, in most cases, when it comes to RPG-PvP interactions. OSRS offers a window into history to be cherished.

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