Old School RuneScape Liz Truss troll is an epic diss

Old School RuneScape troll Liz Truss circulating on Twitter offers the recently resigned British Prime Minister to take another swipe at fixing the economy – but this time, with just a game world at stake instead of an entire country. The game is new new worlds start give potential players like Truss the opportunity to experiment with the MMORPGsof the virtual environment while granting inactive players another reason to return to RuneScape.

After a tumultuous 44 days in which inflation hit record highs, the value of the pound sterling fell to record lows and many key allies quit or quit their senior positions in government, Truss threw the sponge, apparently overtaken by a head of lettuce. Although the country faced economic problems before his brief tenure, a rash financial plan has shattered confidence both in the UK and abroad, with many blaming Truss primarily for the recent economic upheaval.

So it’s only fitting that a video game encourages Truss to try again by inviting him to experiment with economy in his game world, where even the most reckless choices will have no impact beyond a few lines of software code.

“Looking for a fresh start @trussliz?” Old School RuneScape official account tweet begins. “We have a new economy, where you can really make a difference! This catering essential needs a helping hand during this cost of living crisis, it can’t even afford to buy its own ingredients!

The tweet, which also links to an official blog post covering the new worlds of Old School RuneScape, now has over 10,000 likes and over 2,300 retweets.

The joke plays on UK citizens’ fears and worries about the rising costs of everyday items such as food and household items. However, in providing Truss with a fresh start, it ties into the game’s recently introduced Fresh Start worlds, which have no established economies or high scores.

In addition to being fresh, the new starting worlds of Old School RuneScape are functionally the same as the main game. They are meant to invite new players into Old School RuneScape, as inexperienced players may feel intimidated trying to keep up the pace in the worlds alongside those who have been playing the game for a very long time. These fresh start worlds will then transition into the main game of the game in six months, which is four and a half months longer than Truss’ tenure.

The idea is to attract new players and let them explore the game, allowing them to develop and grow at their own pace, which unfortunately Truss was unable to do as Prime Minister of the UK. .

Luckily, you don’t have to be a former prime minister to get started. The blog post provides full setup details and instructions, giving everyone a chance to see if their decisions can destroy an entire economy.

If you can’t wait to get into the game, you can always check out our beginner’s guide to runescape to learn the basics. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll want to know more about six exciting ways to play RuneScape which you may not already know.

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