Old School RuneScape Looking for Remote Weapons Equipment Rebalancing Feedback

Jagex wants feedback on how best to rebalance ranged weapons in Old School RuneScape.

Old School RuneScape continues to solicit feedback from the community on its extensive gear rebalancing initiative, this time asking for feedback on the current meta remotely. To that end, Jagex has released a short survey that will help identify current issues with the meta and offer insight into the changes the community would like to see.

Early community feedback on the gear rebalance was overwhelmingly negative, causing Jagex to step back and slow down the plan. Since then, the team has been completely transparent with what changes they would like to make and why they feel they are necessary. This latest survey is another step in the right direction: giving players a say in the evolution of OSRS.

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When it comes to Ranged Gear, Toxic Blowgun is the primary target for Gear Rebalancing. Powerful in almost any situation, Jagex now wants to nerf the popular weapon in order to avoid balance issues down the line. However, the changes are not yet set in stone.

“There is almost certainly a scenario where the poisonous blowgun could stay in the game anyway,” Jagex announced. “However, we would find ourselves in a situation where adding new ranged gear from future pieces of content results in a glaring increase in potency. The gap between melee / magic and a ranged item would continue to grow.

“We believe making changes now is in the best interest of the game’s long-term health. We still want the Toxic Blowgun to remain viable, but to be a tool in your arsenal rather than the entire military. ! ”

If you’re curious about the specific changes that could be made to OSRS, be sure to check out the full Jagex blog post. It’s certainly not brief, but it does offer a comprehensive look at what the team is doing behind the scenes.

Once you’ve gone through the details, you can voice your opinion in the Meta Remote Poll.

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